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  • World Refugee Day

    June 20th was World Refugee Day, a day of awareness, remembrance and celebration for more than 19 million refugees and displaced persons around the globe. For years, many nations held their own refugee days and in 2000, the U.N designated June 20th of every year as World Refugee Day. In 2004, our Governor Dirk Kempthorne, also proclaimed June 20th to be Refugee Day in Idaho and special events do take place in honor of this day. But the general public seems to be unaware or uninterested about this.
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  • Guest Opinions
  • Wrong-Way Evolution of the Creationist Movement

    Christian fundamentalists often have been accused of wanting to radically alter the laws and institutions of the United States. Actually it is usually the other way around; most of the time they only try to prevent America's laws and institutions from being radically altered, such as vis-à-vis the banning of Christmas symbols and celebrations.
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B&W Photo Contest

  • Boise Weekly's Third Annual B&W Photo Contest

    Our Third Annual B&W Photography Contest is once again upon us. The rules were simple-black-and-white or monotone photographs mounted on white mat board. Entries could be digital or traditional film media (and yes, we are nostalgic for traditional silver prints).

    Judging was done by last year's trio of judges, Boise Weekly art director Leila Ramella, Boise Weekly photographer Jenna Biggs, and myself, a former photojournalist. Points were awarded to our top five choices in each category with the grand prize going to the photo with the most total points.

    Last year, we did not charge an entry fee and received over 200 entries. We also gave away almost $500 in prizes, mostly gift certificates. This year, we decided to charge an entry fee which we dedicated toward cash prizes. With this year's 60 entries, we are giving out almost $700 in cash and prizes to the winners. We'd like to thank Framed (1722 E. Fairview in Meridian) for donating prizes and being our sole sponsor this year. (If you'd like to sponsor this contest with gift prizes next year, give me a call.)

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