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  • Jun 22-28, 2005
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  • One Wedding and a Funeral

    The following figures are rough numbers of an even rougher number on relative, median costs of wedding and funeral accoutrements in Idaho. There really is no average, and extremes exist on both ends of the spectrum. Our thanks to Glenna Tooman of Memory Makers Event Planning LLC and Larry Leoni of Summers Funeral Home for being generous with their time and information.
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  • June 22, 2005

    Journalistic Xenophobia • il·liber·al·ism • BW ... Fair and balanced • anonymously yours
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  • The DBA: Why it Works

    In 1987, forward-thinking local officials, downtown business and property owners formed the Downtown Boise Business Improvement District (BID) to revitalize downtown Boise and created the Downtown Boise Association, Inc. (DBA) as a non-profit corporation to administer the district.
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  • Octopus

    I'd like to think my artwork comes from a magical place. I create works that are whimsical and fantastical and if just one person can appreciate it, then that would make me happy.
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