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  • Jul 13-19, 2005
  • Vol. 14, No. 2


  • Text of the Election Night Phone Call

    "Hello, I'm from Citizens for Trustworthy Government. The Statesman and TV news confirm that Chuck Winder cut an insider deal with Gary Lyman to give an out-of-state business buddies rent-free office space at the public-owned train depot. This Winder-Lyman deal cost taxpayers thousands. The attorney general has been asked to open a felony investigation into why Winder and Lyman ignored state law, had nothing in writing and didn't tell the City Council. Let's fight for honest government. Thank you."
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  • Flag Amendment Fixes Constitution

    As we near a Senate vote on the flag amendment, which passed the House for the 6th time June 22, the hysteria in the media runs wild. They fear it could pass and in their frenzy they distort the facts. From recent radio and TV interviews it is clear to me that many of them have not read the amendment and do not understand its purpose or impact. Tragically, they mislead their audience and are blatantly unfair to the truth. As an aside, many of those who fight for the right to desecrate the symbol of our country are outraged at the desecration of the symbol of many terrorists. Let's look at the truth.
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  • When Did We Lose Our Way

    "Politically Correct" is derived from the term "Correct Political Orientation." It was first delivered in a speech by Chairman Mao Tse Tung on May1st, 1939. "It was used with effectiveness by the Red Guard during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in order to foster conformity in thought and speech."
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  • Are you miffed?

    Are you miffed about the way Ada County commissioners have handled the EMS situation? How about horse racing, Lariat Productions, and Les Bois Park? Unhappy about how much County property tax you have to pay, commissioners holding illegally closed meetings, or taking trips to Hawaii?
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • T-shirt Trouble

    This spring, we held our first Boise Weekly T-shirt design contest and selected a winner. After printing 150 T-shirts with the new design two weeks ago, we ran an advertisement to sell them. No sooner did the issue hit the streets than we received several e-mails pointing out a similar design on www.threadless.com, a cool, funky, online T-shirt store.
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