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  • Jul 20-26, 2005
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  • How to Turn Your Red State Blue
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  • How to Turn Your Red State Blue

    Last fall, I spent seven weeks in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin, canvassing undecided voters for John Kerry. Driving back one day from a long session pounding the pavement, our car passed two young Mormon missionaries on bicycles. They were dressed in their standard garb: Grim but oddly stylish black suits, white shirts, skinny ties and backpacks, all of which were getting soaked in the rain as they struggled up a hill, standing on their pedals for extra leverage.
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Food & Drink

  • Winesipper
  • Pinot Grigio

    The dog days of summer are upon us, that sweltering season marked by the conjunction of the sun and Sirius, the brightest star of Canis Major.
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Odds & Ends

  • Home Sweet Home
  • 24821 N. Mountain View Drive

    If it was not for my bi-weekly recycling trip, I would probably never get to this part of town, even with living in a relatively small town like Boise; work and play only require me to venture a few miles from my house, which is great but often leaves me at a loss for what is going on in the rest of my town.
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Rec & Sports

  • IdaHoles
  • Shoshone Ice Caves

    As summer heats the Idaho landscape to a blistering 100-plus degrees, you can be thankful you don't live in Death Valley or Las Vegas, which is experiencing record temperatures this summer. It's still too hot for us northern folk, so it's time for a summer trip to one of the most scorched landscapes in Idaho so you can chill out.
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  • Antidote
  • Fire One Up

    From its mysterious, ancient roots, ear candling (or coning) probably inspired the very first people on earth to remark: Your village called, they're missing their idiot.
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • Opine

    One thing I'm in charge of is the Opinion section. I write all those smarmy comments to Mail contributors. I select the Guest Opinions to print when we have space. I make sure Bill Cope's story comes in each week even though he's as regular as a four-bowls-of-bran-a-day kinda guy.
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