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  • Aug 10-16, 2005
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    Last year, after resurrecting the Local Heroes issue, BW selected a small group of individuals to honor. We selected an arts educator, a health care provider, an athlete, an environmentalist a pair of animal rescue advocates and all of Idaho’s soldiers as a group. This year, we tried to be just as diverse in our selections. While we kept our eyes out all year long for worthy candidates, we also opened it up to nominations. Here, we present even more people who devote their lives to others. They give of themselves out of a simple desire to help, and not help themselves. They are passionate about improving our quality of life and protecting it. Many in this community are worthy of thanking; here are but a few.
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  • IdaHoles
  • Middle Fork of the Salmon River

    Starting at the confluence of Bear Valley and Marsh creeks in the River of No Return Wilderness, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of Idaho's great outdoor adventure attractions-and the fishing is an added bonus.
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  • August 10, 2005

    Corrections • Googled • Au contraire • Pee-Yew • PU-2 • Turn the Channel • Bombs=Bad • Editor's Notice
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  • The Inverse of the Second Universe
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  • The Inverse of the Second Universe

    "Two photons collide in the lower left of the diagram producing an electron-positron pair. The electron flies off to the right, while the positron flies off to the left, where it meets another electron. There they mutually annihilate and create two photons ..."
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