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  • Aug 17-23, 2005
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  • Eye Spy
  • Eye Spy

    You know, sometimes I can't smell the difference between pot and b.o.?
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  • Svelte
  • Svelte

    The object of my affections screams obscure obscenities at his broke down car, Sammy Hagar on Hwy. 55
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  • 200 Years and Counting

    The Idaho Black History Museum almost sounds like an oxymoron. Stereotypes would have us believe that Idaho's past (not to mention its present and future) is as much about diversity as it is deep-sea fishing, though the annals of multi-racial history in this state stretch back to its very founding. Evidence is scattered, but photo, written and verbal records kept by the descendants of African-American settlers allowed the January launch of part one (1805-1919) of a three-part, permanent collection exhibit called The Invisible Idahoan: 200 Years of Blacks in Idaho.
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • A Word on Rall

    One advantage of being an editor is having the last word. In the case of Ted Rall's column, I do not presume to have the last word on this subject, but I can respond to what he has to say. While he primarily speaks of the bigger alternative weekly papers, some of what he says is true. Craigslist has changed how people think about classifieds. We, too, have had to make changes in this new world.
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  • Penchant for Pop Music
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  • Penchant for Pop Music

    The glow of an eastern sunset shone through three windows and lured the serpent into submission along with the mesmerizing glow of that mysterious flute, playing a tune that just wouldn't leave his head.
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