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  • Sep 14-20, 2005
  • Vol. 14, No. 11


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  • 168 HOURS

    Art, music, birth, death, dust, heat and cold combine to make the Sunday to Sunday Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert a vacation for some, a rite of passage for others and a spiritual journey for many.
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  • Features
  • La Contessa

    Rumor, myth and legend are magnified on the playa. Discerning fact from fiction can be a difficult endeavor and often one is disappointed with the lack of romance in the real truth. The legend of La Contessa is one such story.
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  • The Sandbar

    After much rescheduling and going through the list of alternate lunch buddies, my friend and I finally made the trip to the Sandbar in Marsing. Nestled alongside the Snake River, the Sandbar offers a mix of aptly named, locally inspired cuisine and neighborhood restaurant standards. The drive allows time for conversation and the relaxed atmosphere of the patio overlooking the river provides an ideal setting for more talk.
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • Out of Touch?

    I wasn't entirely cut off from the real world while at Burning Man for 12 days. Registered as one of the "media"--primarily to get access to the WiFi network and communicate with the outside world--I had access to information other attendees didn't. Or as I later figured out, they didn't want to have.
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