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  • Nov 9-15, 2005
  • Vol. 14, No. 19


  • Katrina News
  • Submerged: Part 10

    Shortly after I arrive at the party in New Orleans, a woman hears that I'm leaving town. "So why are YOU moving?" she asks, narrowing her eyes. Her meaning is clear. Why am I not pulling on my gloves and strapping on my facemask and pitching in to help clean things up on Magazine Street, or at City Park, or anywhere else? Why am I not steeling myself for battles ranging from mold to schools to the levees? How could I—someone who actually could have a job, a house and even a good public school—now cash it in?
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • Auction Fever

    The last time I'd gone to an auction at a farm, I was a boy living on a small farm in Colorado during an era when family farms were shutting down. I learned some valuable lessons from my father. Go in with a price in your head and don't get caught up in auction fever. When bidding gets above your price, move on. Otherwise, your own farm may end up like this one.
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