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  • May 24-30, 2006
  • Vol. 14, No. 47


  • Kastera's Catalyst

    Five years after the Foothills Levy, a proposed development pokes into Boise's foothills
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  • Minty Fresh

    As I wander around my spring garden the irises are in bloom, the poppies are beginning to pop and the mint is, well, taking over everything. And when mint is taking over everything, there's only one thing any sane man should do ... make mojitos.
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  • Concoctions
  • Snapping up the Schnapps

    The origin of the word "schnapps" is German, and means a clear distillate derived from fermented fruits and grains with no extra sugar added. Basically, it is a form of European moonshine, with the fermented sugars coming from leftover pulp of juiced fruit.
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  • Concoctions
  • Whisky vs. Whiskey

    On any chilly evening, there's nothing more satisfying--if you don't count sharing a sleeping bag for "warmth"--than a slug of whisky. Or are you drinking whiskey, with an 'e'? It depends upon the origin of your bottle, and even then, it may not be so easy to get the spelling right.
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  • Concoctions
  • The long and short of when a cocktail is not a cocktail.

    In today's parlance, just about anything served up in a bar containing alcohol--other than wine or beer--has been mistakenly given the label a cocktail. As how the word "martini" now describes anything served in a long-stemmed triangular shaped glass, the cocktail has been broadened by definition to cover the whole range of spirit-infused drinks
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