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  • Creekside Grill

    Creekside Grill makes its home in an ugly part of Caldwell (nestled between Subway and Taco Bell) in an even uglier strip mall. Before this, I'd never stepped foot inside Creekside Grill. I knew nothing firsthand about the place except that the parking lot is always full when I drive by during the dinner hour.
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  • Concoctions
  • Virtual Drinking

    They are called MMORPs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games) and the biggest one of all is World of Warcraft that claims over five million online players. Players range in age from seven (as in my own son who I let play on occasion when I'm not hogging the computer) to seniors. Judging by the banter on the live chat portion of the game I would guess the statistical bell curve peaks out in age somewhere in the late teens or early 20s. This means a large number of players are definitely under the legal age of consuming alcohol.
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  • Numbing Nibbles

    I've chewed on ice since childhood. It's a way for me to gauge my water intake and the chewing curbs my appetite. I've heard recently from a personal trainer that the coldness or iciness helps increase the metabolism and the efficiency of the kidneys. I've also heard elsewhere that chewing ice causes iron deficiency. Can you please clarify?
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  • Ted Rall
  • The 10,000TH HADITHA

    Months after Time magazine reported that U.S. Marines had carried out a My Lai-style massacre of at least two dozen innocent Iraqi civilians, the average "support our troops" American is waking up and smelling the butchery.
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