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  • Mary Rohlfing
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  • Mary Rohlfing

    For 12 years, Mary Rohlfing was a professor of communications at Boise State University but chucked it all in 2004 to become a "soil farmer." But along the way she he helped launch the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, worked to defeat the anti-gay Proposition One in the 1990s and spearheaded the creation of the American Community Values networking group.
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  • Cobweb
  • It's River Time!

    Grab your inner tubes, swankiest swimsuit and a big-old bottle of sunscreen and head to the Boise River. That’s right, that annual summer tradition is here as the official Boise River float season opens on Thursday.
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  • Legislative Session in Four Hours

    Call this taking one for the team: A few of us caught a preview screening of State Legislature, the new documentary by Frederick Wiseman, which recounts his exhaustive coverage of the 2004 session of the Idaho Legislature.

    At four hours long, it's a commitment. But for aficionados of Idaho politics, there's nothing finer.

    Favorite scenes: Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis tearing into Laird Maxwell; Dan Popkey criticizing his own paper's "bad editorial judgment," and certain lawmakers showing how the years have actually been very, very kind.

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  • Juneteenth Cometh

    The Idaho Black History Museum will mark the end of slavery with a special celebration Saturday afternoon.

    The Juneteenth Celebration will include storytelling, crafts and activities designed to highlight education and the achievements of African Americans throughout history.

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  • North Dakota Snakes Our Cuba Deal

    After all that fuss over Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's trip to Cuba this spring, it looks like we might get the rug yanked out from under us by some wily North Dakotans.

    Roger Johnson, the commissioner for agriculture for North Dakota, told BW this morning that his state has a verbal agreement to sell 100 tons of North Dakota potatoes to Cuba.

    Sneaky! (New West picked up on this first.)

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  • Four Emmys for Idaho Public TV

    Idaho Public Television snared four Northwest Regional Emmy Awards.

    Two episodes of "Outdoor Idaho" each snared one of the awards. And "D4K: Dialogue For Kids," a science call-in show for kids, and "D4K: Web Extra" garnered one each.

    We saw the statues last night. They're purty.

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Idaho Arts Quarterly

  • Editor's Note
  • Summer 2007

    Once again, we here at Boise Weekly have amassed a collection of articles and events spanning the Gem State from the Panhandle to the southernmost points, to provide another stellar issue of the Idaho Arts Quarterly.
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