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  • Micron: What's Your Favorite Rumor?

    We've heard 'em all, and so have you.

    Vote on your favorite Micron rumor, to be resolved this afternoon!

    Will Micron:

    (a) Accept the resignation of Steve Appleton?

    (b) Fire 2,000 people?

    (c) Move some major operations to Thailand?

    (d)Shutter the Manassas, Virginia operation?

    (e)Open a theme park on the campus?

    We welcome your ideas and comments. And then we'll all watch the 2:30p.m. earnings release. Come on by, we'll have chips (not wafers) and drinks.

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  • Anybody Get an iPhone?

    You've had all weekend to play with it. Now, spill.

    Did you get yourself an iPhone? Is it awesome? Does it blow? Are you suddenly more attractive, smart and with-it?

    We wanna know. Comments welcome.

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  • Back to Court

    The Idaho Business Review announced today that it’s heading back to court over the right to print legal notices.

    The paper will appeal the ruling of Fourth District Court Judge Deborah Bail, who ruled in May that all public and private legal notices must be printed in a paper of general circulation, defined as the paper with the largest paid circulation.

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  • One Down

    The race for Boise City Council is down one candidate.

    Shaun Stamper stopped by the BW office earlier today to announce that he is withdrawing from the race for Seat 1, currently held by Alan Shealy. Stamper said medical reasons are forcing him to leave the race.

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  • Louie's Has Left the Building

    After 18 years in Boise, the downtown location of Louie's Pizza and Italian Restaurant closed its doors for the last time Sunday night. Today, general manager Lou Mallane, son of owner and founder Louie Mallane, announced the restaurant's permanent closing effective immediately, citing the building's impending sale as the reason for the eatery's sudden closure.
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  • Micron Reports $225 Million Loss, Job Cuts Expected

    Boise-based Micron Technology is reporting a $225 million loss for the company's third quarter. The loss comes in the face of dropping prices for computer memory chips due to a glut of products on the market.

    Due to this Micron CEO Steve Appleton said some job cuts are on the way, although no specific numbers were mentioned.

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  • Victor Pacania Memorial Tonight
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  • Victor Pacania Memorial Tonight

    Memorial Services for Victor Pacania, the host of KBSU's Saturday "Private Idaho" show since 1977, will be held at Edwards Greenhouse tonight.

    Pacania's friends say he asked for a simple, casual affair. So no tuxes! Guests are told to just bring a chair or a blanket and soak in the Pacania celebrations among the gardens.

    Edwards Greenhouse is located off Hill Road, several blocks west of 36th Street. The official address is 4106 Sandcreek St.

    The event gets underway at 7 p.m.

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  • Road Rage

    If you think driving on Boise’s roads has become a little more risky—you’re right.

    The Boise Police Department concluded a special two-week patrol targeting aggressive driving. In just that time, police issued 745 citations as part of the special effort.

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  • Flattering Bill Sali

    Now that we've gotten the official word that Larry Grant is running again for the Democratic nomination for the First Congressional District, the Dem side is officially sorta crowded.

    We've also heard of Rand Lewis's candidacy, and he's been nipping at the heels of any sense of Grant inevitability.

    And of course, Walt Minnick has also said he's sniffing around the money and polling circles, pondering his own run.

    The GOP, of course, have their man, U.S. Rep. Bill Sali, who beat Grant last year.

    Or do they? We occasionally hear rumblings of a primary challenge against Sali. For now, however, he'll have a good ringside seat to the Democratic shootout.

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  • Update: Micron to Cut Jobs

    Chief among concerns in the Treasure Valley, where Micron is the largest private employer, is what the financial loss means for jobs. “We expect to have lower levels of employment,” CEO Steve Appleton said during a conference call.

    While he failed to elaborate on just how many jobs this will equate to, the statement confirms rampant rumors of across the board layoffs

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  • More on Raft Guide Death

    The whitewater world is abuzz with news of the tragic death of Dean Fairburn, a river guide who died Sunday on the South Fork of the Payette River.

    Observers told BW that Fairburn's raft tipped on the Staircase rapid, ejecting its passengers, but that Fairburn found himself trapped in a rapid. After watching to ensure that his clients got away safe, he shouted for help.

    Rescuers apparently couldn't get him out of the water in time, and he died on scene.

    The news hit some in the Channel 6 KIVI newsroom hard, and it made for some awfully compelling television this weekend.

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