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  • City Hotline: Kip Wills is Full of It

    The City of Boise has agreed to send us a weekly log of calls to the Mayor's hotline, and there's always a gem or two buried within.

    We'll post them every Tuesday morning, barring some technical or scheduling problem.

    Per usual, this week is full of complaints about graffiti, smog and traffic. But a wife of a police officer also took the time to call in anonymously and say that BPD Union chief Kip Wills is "messing things up."

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  • Mmm ... Chewy Air

    Nothing like those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer—emphasis on the hazy and crazy part of that. With the combination of wildfires burning across the West and a high pressure inversion settled staunchly over the region, air quality in the Treasure Valley has plummeted.

    The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality issued an orange air alert earlier today, meaning that the air we breath is “unhealthy for sensitive individuals.”

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  • Scared of a little number?

    Baker's dozen. The date today. The number of original American colonies. If, after all that, you're feeling a little breathless, starting to sweat and your heart is palpitating, it may be triskaidekaphobia—the irrational fear of the number 13.
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  • GOP Primary Suit: Game On

    We got word late yesterday from GOP party activist Rod Beck that he and several other Republicans have filed suit against Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, in order to force closed primaries.

    Yes, we knew this was coming. Now what?

    With updates and new comments inside.

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  • KIVI's Free Advice for Micron

    Well, here's another blog I guess we'll have to monitor some.

    Scott Picken, the news director over at KIVI Channel 6, finally got fed up over what he sees as a botched job by Micron when it came to laying off the estimated 1,100 people now getting pink slips.

    Now, in an open letter to Micron's managers, he lets 'em have it in a way that spurned Micronauts will find refreshing.

    But is it news?

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  • Can't We All Just Get Along?

    It seems the City of Boise and the Ada County Highway District are determined to butt heads, regardless of the issue.

    Just hours after Mayor Dave Bieter announced his recommendation for Chuck Winder to serve as the chair of a new joint taskforce to look at area roads issues, ACHD issued its own statement.

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