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  • We Love Our Readers That Much

    We swear it ain't payola.

    Some lucky reader e-mailed to tell me she'd found a $20 bill in a copy of Boise Weekly she picked up in town.

    "Just wanted to say a huge thanks to whoever put it there," she wrote.

    Though I'm sure it might help drive circulation, I have to confess that it ain't us. BW's circulation and distribution director Stan Jackson (his official title is Man About Town) tells me he wasn't responsible.

    At the risk of inspiring a stampede to that particular BW box location, I've asked the reader where she got her paper.

    Until then, we're passing along her thanks.

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  • One Of The Good Ones

    I'm still trying to get my head around the loss of Conrad Fourney, who drowned this weekend in the Nutcracker rapid on the North Fork Payette River.

    I consider Fourney a friend, but can't say I knew him well.

    We'll have more on the situation in Wednesday's paper. For now, our thoughts go out to Cynthia and Noah.

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  • They Got One

    A mere 10 months after the sudden, unexplained resignation of Boise Airport Director John Anderson, Mayor Dave Bieter says he's got a new one.

    Today Bieter announced that Richard McConnell, formerly of the Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo will be the new airport director.

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  • Sali and the Muslims

    U.S. Rep. Bill Sali is making waves on the blogosphere (oh, here we are!) for comments regarding Muslims in Congress.

    Muslim Congressmen and Hindu prayers, he said, are an odd fit in the House built by the Founding Fathers.

    He's got Bryan Fischer at his side, who agrees that anyone who worships "cows, monkeys and snakes" is at odds with our "One Nation Under God" notion.

    Let's proceed with the hullabaloo forthwith!

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  • Music Reviews
  • Sgt. Disco: Circus Devils

    ... It's not that there aren't some great ideas in this disc. In fact, the lyrical content alone could provide for a lifetime of contemplation. It's just that, at a whopping 32 tracks, whatever good ideas Sgt. Disco wanted to present get lost in a sea of musical fragments.
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  • Music Reviews
  • Air: Pocket Symphony

    On first listen, Pocket Symphony seems to offer proof that French popsters Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin are growing up. But while the musical ideas of the French duo continue to evolve, their lyrical content stays about the same: love, longing and, as always, sex.
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