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  • Buster Bronco Doesn't Talk
  • Cobweb
  • Buster Bronco Doesn't Talk

    We were prepping some coverage of the Boise State's 75th anniversary, when the story idea hit us: Let's interview the guy under the "Buster Bronco" mask.

    No dice, we were told. Buster Bronco's identity is apparently a state secret guarded like few others.

    Not like that's ever stopped us before. So I'm here to make an offer.

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  • Yowza! Ketchum's On Fire!

    Must...resist...temptation to make snarky resort-town comments ("Will they douse the flames with chardonnay?")

    Okay, we blew that. Onward with news. This thing is serious.

    Ketchum is on fire. Or, at least, the surrounding hillsides. The Castle Rock Fire was at about 7,000 acres early this morning and weather conditions don't bode well.

    The Idaho Mountain Express is keeping you updated on the stats.

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  • Mayor's Hotline: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Books!

    This week the Mayor's Hotline was lit-up with calls about noisy Boise: From all-nighter construction at the Capitol to that really irritating "beep, beep, beep," back-up noise before dawn.

    Then, of course there's the woman who doesn't want her neighborhood blighted by a public library, when a perfectly good antique store could go there instead ...

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  • Tibbs in the Sky

    Seems someone decided to do some pointed campaigning.

    Four large banners touting Boise mayor candidate Jim Tibbs appeared in the windows of the Washington Mutual Bank building—which just happens to be across the street from Boise City Hall.

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  • Paper Delay

    Sometimes, living in the 19th century can really be a drag.

    Like this morning, for instance, when we discovered that because of a problem with the printing presses, the Boise Weekly will take a little extra time to hit the streets today.

    I know; those hundreds of red boxes just look forlorn, don't they?

    Hang with us for now, dear readers. And of course, if you're looking at this, you know: We're online.

    How refreshingly modern.

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  • Help The Firefighters Too
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  • Help The Firefighters Too

    Sometimes it's easy to forget the people working on the fire lines. They're in the woods, after all, and their homes tend not to be the ones on fire.

    A new group says it hopes to change that, and to remind people that wildfire can damage a firefighter's life as much, or more, than others.

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  • Antidote
  • Weed Control

    Yes, swallowing a handful of vitamins is significantly easier than duct-taping a Ziploc bag of your buddy's "clean" urine against your thigh or, heaven forbid, ceasing to smoke pot altogether. But risking an overdose in an attempt to keep—or get—a job, or retain your starting linebacker position, could only be considered reefer madness.
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