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  • Is Today The Day?

    Think about it from a strategy point of view: If you're U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, today would be a great day to resign, if that is indeed what you're thinking of doing.

    It's the eve of a holiday, when virtually no one will be reading their weekend papers, and there's an extra day off on Monday to boot.Following that, the kids are off to school, and autumn rhythms take over.

    So what will it be? Stay tuned.

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  • Piling On

    The calls for resignation are getting louder. U.S. Senators John McCain and Norm Coleman, Republicans of Arizona and Minnesota, respectively, have called on the Idaho Senator to resign.

    Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter says he's standing by his pal. Comments inside.

    We hear the White House is disappointed...

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  • Risch Speculations Too Early

    No one is naming names in the governor’s office.

    Jon Hanian, press secretary for Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter, said the governor has not selected a possible replacement for embattled Senator Larry Craig, despite rampant speculation in the national media.

    “We’ve made no decisions and made no promises,” Hanian said.

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  • Wish We Had Thought of That

    Our delivery guys occasionally bring me a copy of Valley Vibe, a free monthly in the Wood River Valley that we sometimes find clogging up our distribution racks.

    Can't say the content really grabs me, but the masthead, and the disclaimer therein, made me green with envy.

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  • So Begin The Internet Videos

    With the Larry Craig debacle now very much a national story, you might expect to see some independent, ah, media take up the subject.

    Can't really vouch for all of them, but it does boggle the mind, to see Idaho's issues trotted out so prominently on YouTube.

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  • Brandi Is So Totally Not Running

    Brandi Swindell has had it up to here, people, with all of you suggesting she might be running for Senate if Larry Craig resigns.

    After sending out an equivocating statement about Craig's future, she found that someone apparently tinkered with the tag line of the e-mail and made it look like she was running.

    And some of you dopes fell for it.

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  • It Was Supposed to Be A Vacation

    The funny thing about all of the hullabaloo surrounding U.S. Sen. Larry Craig: He's in Idaho addressing the matter not just because this is where he likes to manage his emergencies.

    The senator was scheduled to be on vacation this week in Idaho.

    His staff reports that he is still attempting to find some respite, despite the, um, stuff going on.

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  • B.Y.O.B. (Boat that is)

    If you’re still intent on floating the Boise River, you may find yourself dragging bottom.

    As irrigation canals throughout the valley are being shut down early due to the ongoing drought, the river is running low, prompting the closure of Barber Park raft and tube rentals.

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  • The Mug Shot

    Certain parts about this controversy will become forever embedded in the national consciousness, we suspect. Just as Clinton's imbroglio with Monica Lewinsky gave us "the definition of is" and "that woman," Larry Craig's tortured explanations of his actions have spawned a new language.

    A local favorite: "Wide stance."

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  • The Arrest Audio

    The Minneapolis police have released the audiotape of the arresting officer's interview with U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, and it's not pretty.

    In the interview, you can hear Craig arguing with the police officer, Sgt. Dave Karsnia, over the exact details of what happened.

    "I'm disappointed in you sir, I really am," said Karsnia after he and Craig failed to agree about the details of the action.

    "I'm not gay. I don't do these kinds of things," Craig said.

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  • Bye-Bye Larry

    It’s official. Senator Larry Craig will step down effective Sept. 30.

    Craig made the announcement this morning during a nationally televised news conference staged at the Boise Train Depot.

    “To pursue my legal options as I continue to serve Idaho would be an unwanted and unfair distraction of my job and for my senate colleagues,” Craig said. These are serious times of war and of conflict. Times that deserve the senates and the full nation’s attention.

    “Therefor it is with sadness and with deep regret that I announce that it is my intent to resign from the senate effective Sept. 30.”

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