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  • Craig Decision Delayed

    It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out the fate of Sen. Larry Craig’s political future.

    A Minnesota judged continued a hearing as to whether Craig can withdraw his guilt plea until at least next week, stating that he is taking the matter under advisement.

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  • This Week In Larry Craig

    And the hits keep on coming.

    That silence you heard this weekend was the sound of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig not resigning, as had been his intent.

    That puff of smoke you didn't see coming from the Borah Post Office was the sign that Gov. Otter had not named a replacement for Craig.

    Inside, more Craig doings: The impeachment movement is afoot, we've entered the urban lexicon, and a new political ad featuring a bathroom is just plain painful.

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  • Traffic Woes

    Ah, game day—the thrill, the competition, the traffic. With a 5:30 p.m. kick-off time, tonight’s Boise State game promises some headaches for anyone trying to get around downtown.

    The Boise Police Department is asking commuters to avoid Broadway and Vista avenues and Capitol Boulevard this evening if possible, and to expect heavy traffic throughout the area.

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  • Vote Now, Vote Often

    The election may be a month away, but residents can already cast their votes.

    The City of Boise opened its absentee voting precinct earlier today, allowing anyone who will not be able to vote on Nov. 6 can cast ballots in advance of the general election.

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  • BW Takes A Victory Lap, Then A Nap

    The 2007 Best of Boise is on the streets, people. It's 107 pages of pure love.

    If anybody wants us, we'll be napping in the conference room.

    And then, see you at Alive After Five tonight!

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  • Mayor Focuses on Smart Growth, Graftiti

    It’s all about investing in Boise’s future—financially that is—for Mayor Dave Bieter. The mayor touted the highlights of the capital city and stressed the need for prudent future investment in his annual State of the City address this morning.
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  • All About Idaho

    Idaho is back in the headlines—although this time it has nothing to do with a certain senator in a bathroom.

    An article published today on the front page of USA Today touts the greatness of the Gem State, calling it the fastest-growing state in the West.

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  • The New Pornographers Lavender Diamond and the Awkward Stage, Sept. 26, The Egyptian Theatre
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  • The New Pornographers Lavender Diamond and the Awkward Stage, Sept. 26, The Egyptian Theatre

    Currently, the eight-member, Canadian-based band is A.C. Newman on vocals, guitar, piano, Wurlitzer, Casio, mandolin, percussion, bass and melodion; John Collins on bass, baritone guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin, guitar, Casio, tambourine; Blaine Thurier on Fender Rhodes and sampler; Dan Bejar on vocals, shakers, guitar and piano; Kathryn Calder on vocals, piano and Wurlitzer; Kurt Dahle on drums, vocals and percussion; Neko Case on vocals; and Todd Fancey on guitar, banjo and mandolin.
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  • Game of the Week
  • Khet

    Everybody loves the laser pointer. Who among us has held one without being told to "quit playing with that thing!" Three engineers from Tulane University in Louisiana have managed to combine work with play and created Khet, the first board game that I know of that utilizes the special properties of the laser.
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