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  • Online Comments: Totally Awesome

    The Idaho Statesman recently began allowing people to comment on their stories online.

    Great idea. Brilliant. They're even reprinting some of them in the actual dead-tree version of the paper.

    We just won't hold our breath for this one to pop up in print.

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  • Matt and Larry: The Interview
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  • Matt and Larry: The Interview

    Oh, why wait until tomorrow: MSNBC has gone and posted the good stuff from their interview with U.S. Sen. Larry Craig.

    Anchor Matt Lauer flew in to Eagle over the weekend to hang with Sen. Craig and his wife Suzanne, and to get the interview that KTVB Channel 7 will air tomorrow.

    After the jump, some excerpts. Including why Craig thinks Mitt Romney is a lousy bus driver.

    Update: The appeal has been filed.

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  • The Local Angle

    Jeez, do we even need to watch the Craig interviews any more? The networks keep leaking bits of them, so the suspense is sort of eroding away.

    Oh, right: We promised these guys we would. So you can bet we'll be popping some corn here at the BW mothership. Come on down and join us, BYOB.

    Excerpts from KTVB's interview with Craig after the jump.

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  • Vicki Gowler: We Didn't Promise Craig Anything

    Idaho Statesman editor Vicki Gowler says U.S. Sen. Larry Craig is misrepresenting her paper's investigation of his sexuality.

    Gowler released a statement in response to Craig's interview with KTVB Channel 7.

    "...We asked for the documentation that the senator mentioned to prove he had never had sex with another man. We never received those documents in a form we could use," Gowler said.

    Read her statement in full after the jump.

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  • A Little Slippery with the Facts

    I know you usually review supplements and dicey holistic treatments, but I'm wondering if you would comment on this. I recently visited the dermatologist for my annual check-up following removal of a couple of pre-cancerous moles a few years ago.
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