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  • Otter and Taxes

    Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter has set his sights on the Idaho Transportation Department.

    Otter said he has yet to see financial accountability from the ITD, and while he said the state needs more money for transportation, he wants to see the bottom-line budget first.

    The comments were part of Otter’s legislative preview made during a meeting of the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho Wednesday afternoon.

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  • Risch Replaces Craig

    ...No, not in the Senate. Hey, don't go jumping the gun yet, buddy.

    No, Lt. Gov. Jim Risch has apparently replaced U.S. Sen. Larry Craig as the front man in Idaho for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. The two had been co-chairs until Craig resigned his post.

    When the Romney campaign sent out its notice that the former Massachusetts governor had filed to join Idaho's May 2008 Republican primary, it was Risch, not Craig who provided the local booster quote. He identified himself as the "chairman of the Romney campaign in Idaho."

    Craig, readers may recall, used to share that august title. That was before he was, to paraphrase the senator's phrase, thrown under the Romney campaign bus.

    Risch's full statement after the jump. And an update: Mitt was here.

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  • Dems Defend Craig

    Sort of.

    Idaho Democratic Party executive director said if Mitt Romney can't be expected to stand up for a fellow Republican, how can they expect him to stand up for the country?

    He says it better after the jump.

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  • U of I Jazz Fest Gets Presidential Thumbs Up

    University of Idaho President Tim White will be shaking hands with another guy who holds a similar title tomorrow morning.

    But this president is named George Bush.

    At a ceremony in the White House tomorrow, White will receive congrats on behalf of his school winning the National Medal of Arts for the Lional Hampton International Jazz Festival.

    "We're obviously very pleased about this," White said, on the phone from D.C. today.

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  • Thayn's Son Charged

    After we asked the Idaho Statesman for comment on a story about Rep. Steven Thayn's response to an article they ran last week -- they discovered the other key piece of the story we've got for tomorrow's print edition.

    Turns out Thayn's eldest son was arrested in April on domestic violence charges.

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