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  • Tis the Season for Bad Air

    Calls were light this week to the Mayor's Hotline, but the topic du jour was clearly (or not so clear) air quality.

    It seems more and more Boiseans are getting fed up with air pollution, and want the worst offenders to pay. Among the ideas: get delivery trucks to clean up their act and make I-84 a toll road for those who don't meet emissions standards.

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  • Weekend To Do: Write 101 Words

    We're just days away from the deadline for the Boise Weekly Fiction 101 contest deadline. We've got some entries and hope for more. Our all-star panel of readers is ready to peruse your offerings.

    The rules: 101 words, excluding title. Simple enough.

    Costs $10, but the prize money, and the glory, more than make up for it. And, we'll publish your winning entry.

    Get 'em to our offices at 6th and Broad by 5 p.m. Next Wednesday, December 5.

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  • This Just In: Winter Sports Dangerous

    Get this: Sliding down a hill covered in frozen water on a fiberglass platter covered in wax just might be hard on your body.

    From the Department of Studying The Obvious comes a report about how you snowboarder types are jes' plain dangerous. To yourselves.

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