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  • Otter, Power Point and The Non-Stream

    Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter delivered a couple of Idaho firsts today: He delivered the annual State of the State address at Boise State University, since the Capitol is under renovation.

    And he used PowerPoint, that slide-show technology known for distracting bored meeting-goers everywhere.

    Both of those went fine. But it's doubtful he'll get anywhere near a teleprompter again anytime soon.

    "I have to tell you, if I pause in inappropriate spots it's because something is going on with this teleprompter," Otter said, shaking his head. "I'm not always looking for applause. But I appreciate it."

    For which he got applause.

    Full speech text after the jump.

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  • RIP TV Caucus?

    Last year's session of the Idaho Legislature featured lots of chatter about the possibility of creating a "Treasure Valley caucus," a group of bipartisan lawmakers from the area that would band together on things they all agreed upon.

    Today, at least one member of that group said 'fuggedaboudit.'

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  • Mayor's Losing His Voice

    Elizabeth Duncan, the spokeswoman for Mayor Dave Bieter, is headed for new pastures. We can't say if they're greener yet, because she hasn't determined that part.

    Find out the when, who and why after the jump.

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  • The Paper Google

    Long ago, before there was the Google, we used large piles of connected pieces of paper filled with analog digits.

    We called them "phone books."

    Turns out we still get them. And they're recyclable, even.

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  • He's Back

    Sen. Larry Craig is back in legal news, filing a 96-page "brief" asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea in the now-infamous airport restroom toe-tapping romp
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  • The Party From Wood River

    Idaho Democrats elected Hailey attorney Keith Roark to be their party's chairman over the weekend.

    Roark bested former gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brady for the job.

    The intra-party sniping began early and continued late in the blogosphere. Conspiracy!

    With Roark's election, the Idaho Democratic Party now has its leadership in the Legislature and the party all centered in the resort community of Sun Valley and environs.

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