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    Here you go, you lucky BW readers you: the latest editorial cartoon by artist Noah Kroese.

    Noah's work has been gracing the pages of BW's News section for weeks, and now we're pleased to offer his weekly cartoon, Idahoholic.

    It's available online only, so check back for the latest installments.

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  • Risch Returns to Roadless

    While he may not be governor anymore, Lt. Gov. Jim Risch is taking the roadless plan he created while serving in the state's highest office to Washington, D.C.

    Risch will testify in front of the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday, explaining why the Idaho Roadless petition he developed in 2006 still merits consideration.

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  • The Commies are Coming!

    Who said the Cold War is over?

    It's not for Rep. Curtis Bowers, R-Caldwell, who sees the rise of feminism, businesses opening branches overseas and the tolerance of homosexuals as signs that the Communists are still hard at work trying to destroy the United States.

    Damn Commies.

    Check out his feelings on the Communist agenda thanks to a guest editorial he wrote for today's edition of the Idaho Press-Tribune.

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  • Boise Place Lives

    Boise Place isn't dead quite yet.

    According to the Associated Press, developer Gary Rogers, owner of Charterhouse Boise Downtown Properties, reached an agreement with bankruptcy trustees to avoid foreclosure on the property for the time being.

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  • ACLU Rejoins Craig

    The American Civil Liberties Union is back in Sen. Larry Craig's corner.

    The ACLU filed a brief in Minnesota court today making its case for why the court should allow the embattled senator to withdraw his guilty plea after a now-infamous airport bathroom sex sting operation.

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