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  • Cope on a Rope

    Bill Cope's Feb. 20 column was, in effect, a dismissal of most music created after the eras of free love and the Vietnam War. He implied that anyone who enjoys music created after the year John Lennon told Dick Cavett his phone was tapped by the FBI is barmy.
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  • It's Moot, Woot Woot

    In the state where U.S. Sen. Larry Craig had his bathroom troubles, a judge has now said nay, I say, nay, to a very peculiar request from Idaho's senator.

    Days ago, Craig thought he had so much to say about his case that he asked that his brief be enlarged.

    I swear, we are not making this up.

    Today, black-robed people sayeth, nay.

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  • The Hole Lives?

    The Boise Tower project is on life support, but it's still breathing.

    It look like yet another investor is ready to step in to the troubled downtown Boise development.

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