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  • Jul 23-29, 2008
  • Vol. 17, No. 4



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  • Cobweb
  • Just Kidding

    We know we just told you to give us a call if you needed to get in touch with us since our e-mail has been down for more than a day. Well, 86 that plan.

    Turns out our phones are down for the time being as well.

    While our crack tech team is working on the problem, we're pretending we're living in the Old West and are moments away from hand-printing the paper.

    For now, we suggest smoke signals or semaphore flags if you need to reach us.

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  • Cobweb
  • We're Back

    Barring any other technical difficulties (or apocalyptic plagues) Boise Weekly is back in touch with the outside world.

    That's right, we've got phones and we've got e-mail. Not since fire was first given to humanity has there been a happier group of people than this technology-dependent staff.

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