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Re: “Reef

The Reef is a great place to grab a quick bite during the day or a Caribbean dinner in the evening. And the roof top bar is world class. Boise is lucky to have this place.

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Posted by Levi McCallister on 12/21/2009 at 5:56 PM

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Re: “Ullman Explains No Vote on Racing

Oh Mr. Superfecta, yo0u just don't like the fact that Ms. Ullman actually has and uses her brain unlike the Idaho HBPA leadership and their advisors who kept the track closed for the past three years spanning two different operators. Now that your boy and his cupcake from the Greene Group have a monopoly on the state let's see what they can do.

It's interesting that they still have done nothing to get the track or OTB open. The facility has been empty since August and vacated since January and yet their first tour of the facility was this week? Wow.... these folks are real go-getters.

Posted by Levi McCallister on 04/15/2011 at 3:15 PM

Re: “County Commissioners Reject Latest Bid to Reopen Les Bois

It seems that someone continues to manipulate the media coverage and the comments....seems to be the same people that fought with the operators....same people asking for gaming....same people that have destroyed the industry over the last 20 years.....it was Einstein that said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result..." You have the same people, doing exactly the same thing, now not just expecting, but demanding a different result. They are trying to have the county use their limited resources, during the worst recession in our lives, to subsidize an industry that is in such decline that its participants are in denial. They think that because they love the sport, everyone else must feel the same. Look at the nationwide trends, the amount bet, the people in the stands has fallen year over year. There are other forms of entertainment. Nearly all don't require you to risk additional money for you to have a good time. In racing though, if the people that come don't risk additional money, then there is no money for the state, the horsemen, etc. These industry people live in a bubble if they think that playing musical chairs with the operators will somehow magically resurrect the industry. All of the fairs that run racing in the state are subsidized. Either the county, by supplying below market leases,equipment, people....or the horsemen, by paying entry fees, mount fees, stabling fees.....or the racing commission, allowing horsemen to use purse moneys from another racetrack market. The fairs would die and disappear tomorrow without these subsidies. Boise is no different. The costs of the market have driven all other operators out of business. The level of money bet under the last operators was pathetically low...its not that the operator was bad...its that the market is that disinterested. You cannot now demand ADA County subsidize the racers....they have other important priorities. If the racers want Boise so bad...pay the right price...put up the right bond...they've had years to get their act together....its beyond odd that now, when they got the ability to bid, they fell flat on their face for trying to lowball everyone. So on with the games....the same people...doing the same thing...this will be fun to watch. But the real question now is....its theirs again...why the delays....why no action...why isn't it open. They've been screaming for the past few years they can do it better...they can do it faster....all I'm saying is...get it done...no more excuses. I'm expecting Boise to open for Derby with a big party. Mint juleps for everyone and big smiles all around. If not we should all want to know why all these people failed to do what they said only they could do.

Posted by Levi McCallister on 03/17/2011 at 3:17 PM

Re: “County Commissioners Reject Latest Bid to Reopen Les Bois

Is anyone really suprised that these same people that caused the last two operators to leave town are now unable to negotiate with the County?

Posted by Levi McCallister on 03/16/2011 at 2:54 PM

Re: “They Shoot Horse Racing Leases, Don't They?

It's not worth explaing here but asimple public records request shows:

'Idaho Entertainment was disabled in large part owing to a variety of factors including; a coordinated attack on their company and its efforts by licensees in Idaho and their political advisors and resources; a continuing illegal boycott of the company, its affiliates in the region, and the coordinated efforts in Idaho by a local chapter of a national horsemen's group; the participation by board members of the horsemen's group in an orchestrated campaign of contractual interference, libel, slander, and misinformation; a pitched battle between horsemen themselves to determine the rightful group to undertake a contract with the operator of the Boise facility and whose outcome will not be determined by the courts and appeals processes likely until late 2011; the continued open hostility and bias of the Chair of the Idaho State Racing Commission toward Idaho Entertainment and its operations including the Chair's repeated calls and encouragement to others to interfere in our leasehold; the brazen support of a particular horsemen's group by the Chair; the efforts by the Chair, despite the state's ethical rules to the contrary, and despite being informed of the impropriety of such a solicitation, continuing to entice those that come before the commission, to buy horses bred by the Chair's company, by issuing emails and mailings…"

Kenny Ellison in another local publication "...put a padlock on the place, we don't care!"

What is this guy upto? Something doesn't smell right down by the river. Who are his partners? He suggested we go to Sandy and out of state last year, where does el presidente of the union want us to go this year and why?

Posted by Levi McCallister on 01/05/2011 at 2:19 PM

Re: “Horse Racing Off Track

Mr. Superfecta

Your name is perfect, as the odds of you being correct, are as long as hitting a sucker-bet like that. You have obviously been sipping the kool-ad that our leadership has provided. Our last vote was a 4-6 vote against. That means if the brothers and cronies would have abstained it would have been a 4-2 in favor of racing. My friends there that evening said that it was quite a raucous meeting to the point that the sandwich shop asked them to settle down.

This boycott that is being promoted against this operator in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana by our leadership needs to stop. I can't take my horses out of the region like the others and don't want to. Elison said on July 15, 2009 "He can lock the gates on Boise. We don't care." Well Mr. Elison, I CARE and so should the rest of us. I've been following the Spector guy on his websites and Facebook pages and while I don't agree with everything he has to say, at least he has been open. HE offered a deal to us that wasn't perfect but, was doable on several occassions, and you folks past in favor of a locking the gates.

You and Mr. Elison's statements and actions have demonstrated one thing, "We don't care." That is just wrong.

And, by the way, YES to your question.

Posted by Levi McCallister on 04/12/2010 at 12:32 PM

Re: “Horse Racing Off Track

Hey Mr “I-think-I’ll-use-the name-of-the-guys-company-to-further-disparage-his-name-without-basis” please give us some facts, that make sense, if you are going to slam someone; and, please be more creative with your anonymous name.

Since, you are making this personal, my guess is you either operate a racing commission somewhere, would like more horses to your jurisdiction, or you are part of the problem in Idaho.

So let’s look at some facts that I easily gathered using that new tool, called the Internet:

FACT: Since Wyoming Entertainment took over the Live and OTB operations in Wyoming Average Daily Handle for the live race meet has gone up 13.5% from $69,619 to $79,083.

FACT: Total Handle for the state of Wyoming has risen 16% from $9,945,166 to $11,853,029

FACT: When Handle goes up so do the purses paid to horsemen, breeders and the State. Wyoming purses have gone up and the bottom purses have gone up.

FACT: Transparency works. These numbers are available on Wyoming Parimutuel Commissions website located at http://parimutuel.state.wy.us/Default.aspx

FACT: Yes, it would seem that there were issues during the 2009 race meet, as described in the minutes from one of the Commission meetings. But haven’t we as promoters of the sport of Horse racing through the American Quarter Horse Association and National Thoroughbred Racing Association been looking to expand the distribution of our product ever since the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 was passed? Most horsemen’s groups and racing commission have to plead with their track operators to expand the costly distribution of the signal to create additional purse money and revenues for the state.

FACT: Idaho State Racing Commission also publishes the states numbers and while they remained relatively flat during the same time period. In 2009, they will most likely go down due to the closing of Boise by the previous operator, due to disagreements with the IHBPA leadership, and then the IHBPA leadership’s decision to boycott the new lessee in Boise. OPINION: I for one believe that this group needs to be held accountable by all of us horsemen and encourage every horsemen in the region to come together to resolve the issue. I’m not joining Mr. Elison in Arizona. Let’s save racing in the intermountain region from this self appointed group.

So, thank you for the pre-holiday cheer, you can go back to your vacation and egg nogs but, should you decide to make any additional statements please make them constructive and factual; then, maybe us hard-working folks that love the horse racing industry can go back to work and feed our families.

Posted by Levi McCallister on 12/21/2009 at 5:52 PM

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