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Re: “Casanova Pizzeria

The best pizza in town!!!!!!

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Posted by exoster25 on 04/28/2010 at 4:50 PM

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Re: “Le Cafe de Paris

Excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their sandwiches at lunch are very reasonable and great tasting while their duck is probably the best in boise. Very relaxed and tasty. The only downside is that the service leaves a lot to be desired at times.

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Posted by exoster25 on 04/28/2010 at 5:25 PM

Re: “Spreading Density


I would also like to commend you on your well-written and thoughtful reply. First of all, sorry for the ridiculousness of some of my comments. I should have taken you more seriously and given you the credit that you obviously deserve. Those last few sentences, I assure you, are sincere.

But I think you got to the crux of the problem when you stated at the end of your post:
"It's a can of worms, for sure... despite Mr. Cope's claim that it's a no-brainer."
This couldn't be truer. Maybe if the budget was balanced and we weren't involved in two wars it would make more sense. Maybe if the corporate powers weren't so opposed, it would have more of a chance. Maybe if we cared more about others it would seem like more of a necessity. I just don't see how the greatest country in the world can't take care of its citizens. I don't see why we guarantee education for all but not the health of the students. I don't see how we can claim to have the best working conditions for companies when we there is no guarantee that their workers will be healthy (and when they are healthy the COMPANIES are the ones who get footed with the bill). These things all seem at odds with our idea of America as a great place.

Then once we look at empirical evidence, we seem to be at the bottom of the ladder compared to equally well-off countries. Time and again we hear about the fact that America's healthcare system is failing on many of the accepted parameters of overall good health. Yes, maybe you are healthy and maybe I am healthy, but how can we speak of America's greatness if we are not speaking about the plurality of citizens. And this is where I'm going to bring Jesus back into it. While I am far from religious, I believe that if taken as a philosopher he had many excellent things to say. During my 6 years of parochial school, I learned that while Jesus was speaking to us as individuals, he was saying some rather communitarian things. He told people to love their neighbors. Isn't this a rather egalitarian thing to say? I don't think letting people die due to lack of healthcare is what Jesus had in mind. I'm sorry I brought that up in the first place. There is just so much irony in the fact that so many self-professed Christians seem to be against lending a hand to their neighbors .

I, like you, have been lucky enough to have health insurance my entire life. But what I meant when saying "by luck alone" is how do we know that our insurance is guaranteed forever? What happens if we lose our jobs, our COBRA runs out, and we find out we have cancer? How would we afford the treatments? Even with a nice nest egg I would find it hard to pay for two or three rounds of chemotherapy out of pocket, and most people aren't even that lucky. They would be hard pressed to pay for one let alone everything else that comes with an illness of that magnitude.

It just seems like common sense that the 310 million of us that consider ourselves US citizens would band together and provide each other with healthcare. Imagine if we could walk down the street look at each other and say thank you because we knew that every single one of us provided that service for each other. Now, again, there is no doubt that it is expensive, but if we did it correctly it would save us money in the long run and make for a more efficient system.

(Also, I don't believe something such as healthcare is subject to the "we can't provide everything" comment. Especially when you bring in tv's and cars. We're talking about people here, not electronics! You're right we can't provide everything but what is the problem with placing healthcare in there with law enforcement, firefighters, education, and infrastructure?)

Posted by exoster25 on 03/01/2010 at 4:37 PM

Re: “Spreading Density

So Bikeboy,

At best the NHS provides inexpensive health care to all of its citizens regardless of their ability to pay. At worst it is as bad as our market driven system. The funny thing is that if people do love their market driven healthcare, they will still be able to have it. Almost every country with universal health care (UK, Germany, France, Canada etc.) also allows its citizens to opt out and go "private." So what is everyone worried about? Maybe it will correct the market and allow for cheaper healthcare overall. Or who knows, if your name rings true bikeboy you may take care of yourself and wouldn't even need the private healthcare. Maybe you can rely on the catastrophic care that most universal systems excel in providing (because it's dumb to deny that they are perfect, they are as flawed as ours just in different ways). But who knows, maybe you like motorcycles and big macs, so your bad cholesterol is out the roof. In that case maybe you like the idea of private care so you can immediately see the doctor whenever you are wheezing or get your chest pain. In fact, maybe universal is still better because that way when your type 2 diabetes takes hold you won't go bankrupt attempting to cure your myriad of health problems.

Place yourself in the shoes of those who can't afford health insurance. Remember that it is by luck alone that they are there instead of you. Doesn't Jesus even say something about that?

Peace and Love

Posted by exoster25 on 02/28/2010 at 7:23 PM

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