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Re: “After the Ring

First, thank you to Mr. Cope and the Boise Weekly forum mods for graciously providing this space for discussion...

"...His answer to the growing debt was to add another couple of trillion."

Yeah, and the Republican answer to a $127 billion dollar national budget surplus was to turn it into a $457 billion dollar deficit (reference here if links are allowed: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/presidentb…). These are the facts, not Fox "news", lets-make-Obama-the-boogeyman spin. How much would Obama have had to spend if the conservatives hadn't trashed the economy? Hmmm?

"Liberalism is a mental disorder. The more you write, attempting to support your position, the more you prove my point."

So you think I'm a liberal because I called you on your nonsense? Whatever, but it doesn't take a liberal to know the conservatives have tanked a vast amount of this country's resources. "Resources" as in thousands of lives lost, and millions of people financially ruined by the "fiscally conservative" Republicans and their policies.

If that helps you prove your point, then... you're welcome.

"Stimulus package needed to be passed or unemployment would hit 8% they said. So they passed it and not only did it hit 8% but we are sitting at almost 10%. How do you explain that? And now those schmucks are looking to do another stimulus plan???"

Huh... so why did we need that stimulus package again? To fix the mess left by which administration? Oh yeah... maybe the second stimulus package is needed because the first one was reduced by several billion dollars to the conservatives would pass it. They were told the first one wasn't enough to do the job, Now they're complaining it didn't work.

Hypocrites are never satisfied.

"They are nothing but America haters, plain and simple."

Tell you what: have the neo-cons pay back the 3 trillion wasted in Iraq and we'll call it even.

"Comparing Obama to Aragorn??? HAHAHAAHAHA.. Aragorn was of pure blood and nobility. Obama is a mix. He's actually closer to being a Uruk Hai more than anything!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!"

Jingoistic race-baiting noise aside,... you're STILL wrong. Aragorn was a "mix" too. His great x 4 or 5 times over grandmother was Elvish. It's somewhere in the appendix, though you probably want to see his birth certificate...

But hey, thanks for bringing us back on topic...

Posted by Eärendil on 09/16/2010 at 8:48 PM

Re: “After the Ring

Saying "the current administration and Democratic Congress seem to believe that they and only they are the answer to our country's problem..." says nothing, while somehow ignoring the fact that the Republicans have refused EVERY offer of compromise.

I am an independent voter. I'd gladly change my mind if you conservatives would accept some responsibility and offer valid criticism. 2 years later I see none of the above.

Posted by Eärendil on 09/15/2010 at 8:39 PM

Re: “After the Ring

"...leading up to the war, we knew that Iraq had already used chemical weapons in the past and if you don't think the Iraqi regime in power at the time was still pursuing a WMD program in some manner, you are either blind to the facts or lack the intelligence to discuss the issue. As for Iraq being the perpetrators behind the 9/11 attacks, that was never used as justification for the war... "

It doesn't matter how many times you repeat the lies, or how big your paragraph is, it won't make them true.

"...part of the justification that actually was used for the war was that Iraq was a state-sponsor of terrorism (you know, kinda like Iran is now, which Obama apparently can't quite figure out). Clearly, Iraq was indeed a state-sponsor of terrorism, not to mention they were in violation of numerous UN resolutions..."

...and were being inspected repeatedly by the UN Security Council, who reported finding no WMDs before the invasion. So we rushed in before they could complete their inspections... with no plan, under staffed, under funded, and TOTALLY beside the point of bringing Bin Laden to justice. Helluva job there...

Still, I hear a lot of whining about Obama and STILL no specifics as to what he's done that is as bad as the alternative. As conservatives you have no answers, only distortions to deflect the blame from yourselves, and a desire to see Obama fail at the expense of the country, rather than have the country succeed with him.

That same conservative selfishness is exactly what has gotten the country to this point.

Posted by Eärendil on 09/15/2010 at 7:34 PM

Re: “After the Ring

"Bush was a fool, but a honest fool...", "Obama is the most liberal president to ever hold office."

That's nothing more than right-wing spin. Neither of those statements are true, yet that didn't stop you from pretending and presenting them as facts, ala Fox news.

Bush wasn't a fool, he was a tool. And a willing one at that, which negates any perceived "honesty".

And even if you could judge the Obama presidency historically after 2 years (you can't), he is still NOT EVEN CLOSE to being "the most liberal president to ever hold office". He's not even "the most liberal president to ever hold office" in your memory, if you really know anything about the Carter administration.

And even if the Obama was ""the most liberal president to ever hold office", so what? What's the alternative? The same people feeding you and most of the other posters here your talking points are ultimately the same people responsible for hundreds of thousands of lives lost in two multi-trillion dollar wars, that after 8 years still have yet to achieve their originally stated mission. And 10's of TRILLIONS of dollars lost to DECADES of financial scandals as a direct result of "failed" (depending on whose side you're on) financial policies. And yet the conservatives are suddenly "so concerned" about the national deficit that they won't even vote for extending unemployment insurance for the 10's of millions of people losing their jobs and homes as a result of the conservative agenda.

Just what has Obama done to compare with any of that?

Posted by Eärendil on 09/15/2010 at 5:36 PM

Re: “After the Ring

btw... nice piece Mr. Cope... really enjoyed it.

Posted by Eärendil on 09/15/2010 at 1:15 PM

Re: “After the Ring

"Obama the Deceiver"?

Have you found those "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq yet? Iraq, who we were told perpetrated 9/11, when they had nothing to do with it.

Thousands of lives and a few trillion dollars later we get scammed by Wall Street, which were conveniently deregulated by previous administrations (3 of 4 of which were Republican). Oops... there goes several more trillion dollars and several million jobs...

Those are just two of the many examples I could mention of neo-conservative "criminal incompetence". And we're supposed to believe Obama's the "deceiver"?

Nice try... actually, no not really...

Posted by Eärendil on 09/15/2010 at 1:13 PM

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