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Re: “Dream Act Rising


I am [not] undocumented because I was born on U.S. soil, a blessing I never fail to acknowledge.


Three brothers came over illegally from Mexico. Three of the children, one from EACH brother went on to serve in CALIFORNIA LAW Enforcement at the CITY, COUNTY, and STATE levels!

(Air Force & Marine Corp.)(city, county and state)

One served as an Air Force "soldier"(military police) and promoted to SSgt/E-5 at the age of 23 before serving as a Highway Patrol Officer with the CHP. Another served in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine before serving as a police officer for a major city in Southern Calif. A third went into law enforcement as a County Deputy for a Southern CA Sheriff's Dept. Must have been something in the gene pool!

Two have promoted to Sgt! Had one of them remained in L.E. undoubtedly their would have been THREE law enforcement SGTs all serving at the same time!

I know because I left state law enforcement for two primary reasons: (1) after losing my father, I lost my desire and motivation to remain in a paramilitary environment---for reasons I am still not able to clearly understand (2) underlying GPI (Gender-Physical Incongruency) which I chose to face head-on years later was being suppressed and self-loathing never contributes to positive career advancement.

51st STATE

So....having said the above....I am unique in that being wholly American of latin descent, I have always wished that Mexico would become the 51st "state".

Patriotism notwithstanding, American capitalism would serve to raise the standard of living so that the Mexican citizens, including family members, would benefit. Especially with events occurring there now.



Posted by Delphi on 12/02/2010 at 12:03 AM

Re: “Transgender Community: Prosecutor's Comments Were Out of Line

["The most concerning facts here are that the defendant is not a doctor and that the defendant is a male touching a woman’s breast under the guise of being a female.” ]
...........Ada county prosecutor, Ana Mamani

[“As a lesbian who is legally and physically female, but with a male history, this certainly worries me,"]
...........Jennifer Smith

I reread the article and discovered a LEGAL conflict.

The prosecutor, per the story, IN a COURT of LAW, stated that Kristine Ross IS MALE and conducted breast exams in the GUISE of BEING FEMALE.

Jennifer Smith, per the story, describes Kristina as LEGALLY FEMALE, notwithstanding that she obviously appears as a very pretty FEMALE.

As a resident of California, a state that in action epitomizes the equality spoken of by our founding fathers, I/we are aware of the "well this is Idaho" mentality that fosters a climate of intolerance so excellently portrayed in this story.

From my perspective, indeed shared by many, it is egregious and phobic behavior---assuming this story is factual---that LEGAL "PROFESSIONALS" have failed to "stay on topic".

By diverting attention from the "elements of the crime", and per the statements above the following speak for themselves.

(1) If indeed Kristine is now LEGALLY FEMALE, stating that she IS MALE is a FALSE statement intended to be pejorative and by definition an ad-hominem accusation.

(2) The venue for this FALSE STATEMENT is a LEGAL COURTroom during LEGAL proceedings.

(3) Let's compare notes: Kristine is said to have made a FALSE STATEMENT in a night club. If her legal gender is FEMALE, stating that she "is a male" is a FALSE STATEMENT in a COURT of LAW. In Idaho.

(4) The process of LEGAL gender change involves conspicuous annotation on LEGAL DOCUMENTS. IF indeed Kristine is LEGALLY FEMALE stating that she performed "under the GUISE of being female" is another FALSE least LEGALLY.

All persons, despite whatever unique personal characteristics they possess via genetics or personal choice, are morally, legally, and otherwise accountable for the consequences of decisions they make. Simply stated, persons of all stripes and colors are well represented in custody facilities and as such their personal characteristics are neither an EXCUSE nor should they serve to CONDEMN.

The rights of all citizens and LEGAL residents, or better stated the preservation of all rights, have been preserved and paid for by blood or sacrifice. We who volunteered in the prime of our youth to serve and lucky enough to return to civilian life PAID for such rights with TIME measured in YEARS.

It need not be stated that many have and ARE PAYING with BLOOD and LIFE so that these rights are maintained and bolster our American constitutional way of life as a PARADIGM for the rest of civilization.

Idaho. Please. Your standing is not as a seceded state but rather as one of the cogs of the American "wheel." Fairness, objectivity, and proper LEGAL depiction of all subjects is not a privilege but a right not given but earned as I described above. No one is asking for preferential treatment. The costs incurred by we who are undergoing LEGAL GENDER TRANSITION are already beyond calculation.

Disparaging remarks such as these do not reflect true AMERICAN values and only ricochet onto the backs of our modern day HEROES who have VOLUNTEERED to stand in harm's way, many whom have not returned alive. Give consideration where consideration is due.

Enough said.

Love all!

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Posted by Delphi on 12/01/2010 at 11:01 PM

Re: “Transgender Community: Prosecutor's Comments Were Out of Line

Not illegal simply to claim to be a doctor or she would have been charged with "impersonating a doctor" such as when one impersonates a peace officer by merely claiming to be one. Asking someone for permission to touch their body, for whatever reason, "because I am taking a massage class" or "I am a breast worshipper" or "I am a doctor" in a night club and consent is given...this would be the time to ask for proof BEFORE volunteering to be groped.

I do understand EvadaDingo what you mean however. I don't have all the info but indeed if a person does set up shop somewhere and begins to see patients while performing the role of a doctor then yes it would constitute sexual assault.

This story, which might lack details, claims she performed as a doctor "in local night clubs", a place where people claim to be anyone other than who they truly ARE given that deception for the purpose of scoring is Rule 1, mostly. Being that a night club is NOT a medical clinic, it lacks 100% credibility as to who is really who, and yet a few persons volunteered to have their bodies touched. Unless, Kristine forced herself onto these women, playing "doctor" in a night club...welll very very weak to prosecute.

By introducing gender phobia into the mix it draws attention from the core of the matter (practicing medicine) and reveals what all the hysteria is really about---last time I checked being male, female, is not illegal.

No, we all ROCK!!!! Thanx.

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Posted by Delphi on 11/28/2010 at 12:32 AM

Re: “Transgender Community: Prosecutor's Comments Were Out of Line

@Shoogi. Very clever. Warning! If you wish to not be disgusted don't click on Shoogi's icon " picture avatar. Was that guy really doing that? On a public bench narrow-minded in broad-daylight? Unfortunately we know that much worse does happen.

But, staying on five years old I had my testicles removed...the wrong ones that some people refer to as tonsils....but let's see...testicular removal=retardation...well many men have had to give up one or two due to cancer so in that case testicular removal=life saving...sorry...doesn't compute.

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Posted by Delphi on 11/27/2010 at 11:30 PM

Re: “Transgender Community: Prosecutor's Comments Were Out of Line

Ok. First the "bad" news (for whom the shoe fits):

*Biologically, don't believe me look it up, we have all been FEMALE. [Gentle]men remove your shirt, and while facing a mirror may I direct your gaze to your undeveloped breasts topped by (hold on to your macho hat)...NIPPLES!!!

*...and again, don't believe me, SENSITIVE nipples sometimes more than FEMALES!)

*None of us are either 100% male or female. We, yes---you too macho man---all have the FEMALE hormone ESTROGEN along with the male hormone TESTOSTERONE. Don't believe me, look it up. So....we are either MOSTLY male or MOSTLY female depending on measurable levels. The truth is of course that we are a composite or, based on the literate level of previous posts, I need to break it down further so it can be understood: internally we are BOTH male and female.

How? It is not the genitalia that neither a boy or girl makes. Without hormones, the genitalia would be there like any other growth but our bodies, well, there would just be people with different body parts visible only when unclothed.

Its the ESTROGEN and TESTOSTERONE that develop a child into? Quiz time: A. bald eagle B. wolf. C. boy D. girl. So this is how persons CAN and DO medically BECOME the "opposite" gender? (yes even you can macho man and can do so as long as blood runs in your veins) The same way women can BECOME men and men can BECOME women.

Didn 't know that did you? Neither did I. No different than when someone wants to BECOME a movie star, firefighter, whatever. Actually it is different. No one can BECOME their occupation---they just perform it as trained because a role is a role is a role.

Now the GOOD NEWS!

So, armed with this knowledge, I BECAME female (as have other GRT (Gender Reassignment Transitioners females including Kristina). Again, please do not confuse BECOMING with ROLE PLAYING entertainment such as cross-dressing, "drag", or any other external expression that are enjoyed by many as they should be.

Oh, this isn't just opinion for you see before I could BECOME female legally my doctor had to (not psychiatrist but medical doctor) give me his blessings on paper. Not what a police officer THINKS, not what a lawyer or judge, not even what you macho man THINKS, but what a MEDICAL doctor KNOWS to be MEDICAL FACT which of course he would corroborate on the witness stand.

So, if Kristina has BECOME female, who undoubtedly has since she is more beautiful than the average female (Jesus loves you Kristina!), then discussing her gender...well waste your breath if you would like...two words come in mind "mute point."

Ok...about the "assault". Party A, B, C, etc. all adults, give CONSENT to Party X to TOUCH their bodies.....well ASSAULT and CONSENT will never be two sides of the same coin. If they, on face value, made the conscious decision to BELIEVE that Kristina was a doctor, notwithstanding their level of intoxication, well drinker beware! By the way did $ exchange hands for this "practice of medicine"?

So....the scene is a bar....Party A/female leaves the bar with Party/B male to Party B's residence to do the coochie-coochie on the couchie-couchie and afterwards with a warm endorphic glow on their respective faces stop at a Bob's Little Boy for a meal. Party/B pays the bill for Party A. By paying for the meal, did Party/B compensate Party/A for "services rendered"---did he PRACTICE being a "John" and did Party A/female PRACTICE being a prostitute? A stretch you don't say? Oh really?

I pose a challenge for someone to comment on how many professionals suffix their surname with the "Doctor/Dr." label....are they practicing doctors as well?

**Conclusion** ( based on what is known)

Persons engaged in "escaping" the realities of life by ingesting liquid "spirits" in a venue that legally permits intoxication became even more intoxicated AFTER CONSENTING (if this is how it happened) to be touched merely because the FEMALE making contact has (as all males have) a biological HISTORY of existence in the opposite gender.

**this will go down in medical history as the day that tactile contact and medicine reached a state of synonymy** (macho guys---this means the same).

How embarrassing that someone gets arrested for fibbing in a the United States of America. The only question for purposes of effecting an arrest should have been DID OR DID NOT IN FACT AN ASSAULT OCCUR? Gender or variations thereof should have been relevant ONLY IF it is illegal to be either male, female, or both in this "THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD".

We are a blessed and great country but usurping civil rights does not make it greater. I didn't serve six years in military service for American citizens to be so mistreated. Makes me want to puke and maybe tear up my honorable discharge and use it to keep me warm.

Love all! Even to all the phobic persons, who evidently validate their amoeba existence by exercising hate.

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Posted by Delphi on 11/24/2010 at 8:16 PM

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