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Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

Reality I'm not going to go down the road of only protecting wolves, but also large predators. I think it's BS that the ranching constituency, whom many use federally financed BLM lands, get to dictate whether America's wolves lives or dies.

Now they are taking it a step further and want to kill wolves in the Bridger-Teton National Forest,which is public/non-ranching lands. The pressure for this is coming from the ranching and hunting communities. Not only do large predators continue to lose their habitats, they can't even live in wilderness areas. So it frustrating to see the anti-wolf sector reach beyond and above to kill wolves. Many people love wolves and want to see them live with out harassment. So there's is my frustration.

Frontier, yes wolves have been gone from these lands for along time, but it was HUMANS and rancher/hunter constituents who forced the Biological Survey(merged with US F&W) to kill hundreds of thousands of predators starting in the 1920's. Lets not regress to a more form of primitive think that you are advocating.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/06/2011 at 7:33 AM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

If we want to get into land owners argument we need to see how many ranchers are on BLM lands first. You make a point about the herd, but if they can't even tell it was killed then how can they prove it was a wolf. Like I said coyotes kill more cattle than wolves.

It's the end of the work day and Labor Day is upon us. I also don't like continuous law suits either, but they are necessary sometimes when a constituent group is trying to dominate an issue in government. There are two main groups trying to dominate the wolf issue, ranchers and hunters. Other constituent groups have a right to weigh in on the subject, just not them. Let them continue to influence government through their Super PACS and the law suits will continue.

Reality22 thanks being civil most of the time and enjoy your holiday since we are all Americans and I have served with good men and women from Idaho. Shall we debate again after the holiday weekend. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate and enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/02/2011 at 3:03 PM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

Who ever said that quote doesn't mean I support it. Do not lump me into one generalized category. I stated that Idaho management of the wolf is poorly planned. This is not a slight against the people of Idaho. I do find it alarming how much hatred exists against the wolf there.

In regards to the 17%, (if that's true) when you have small numbers and then a couple more are added, then the percent will look a lot larger than if it was a percentage change in a large body of numbers. I looked at US F&W and NASS numbers on attacks from wolves on livestock. They differ from under a hundred and then over 2,000. The US F&W actually confirm the kill was from a wolf where NASS reports all complaints (doesn't have to be confirmed). Wolves do kill livestock, but not nearly as many as people say. Coyotes kill way more.

I pay into a wolf compensation fund for ranchers, but you know, I guess it's not enough is it?

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/02/2011 at 8:29 AM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

Reality22 your right on public support. It is just another beast in Idaho and its mind boggling the level of hatred that exists (not saying you hate them). The Gray Wolf was supported by the federal government until recently, thats was also my money. I appreciate your level headed approach to our conversation. I understand that there will always be some type of management of animals in this country. The level that the Idaho government is taking it to is extreme. That's all im saying, it's a little beyond ridiculous. Cheers.

Hunter. There is no point in debating with you. You writing skill explains that your not worth the time. Go kill you some wolves, pat yourself on the back and realize you accomplished nothing. You will just be a guy who paid to kill wolves. There is no honor is shooting animals that has no chance to fight back against you, it's cowardly.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/01/2011 at 6:44 PM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

These "disasters" are passed through political pressure. There is NO science behind it. You just stated GAME herd. Do you own the herd? I don't think you do. Once again political pressure. It's baseless BS. I also don't belong to anti-hunting groups, but they tend to think they have the right to kill animals at will. I love what Duck and Trout Unlimited has done for the environment. At least they do things in a sustainable manner, unlike the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Wolf Management Plan. It's asinine. Wisconsin is another example of people using wolves as a political tool to polarize people.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/01/2011 at 10:23 AM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

Please review your comments! I like how you bring up Hurricane Irene and then say we don't care about the damage done and lives lost. I live on the east coast for now and experienced the hurricane. If you truly cared about what happened on the east coast, come over here and help the people of Vermont instead of killing wolves.

You reek of hypocrisy. Once again I say, there is no difference between Canadian Grey Wolves and the grey wolves of the Rockies. It's a bs myth that was created to justify your bitching. It's just sad to see that people in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming (which you guys have some of the most beautiful states) kill something that makes your state unique. I'm from Indiana and there nothing there with nothing worth looking at, nor visiting . I grew up jealous of the west, but now I sit and ponder why you hate your beautiful animals. Your economy is not being destroyed by wolves. I know there are some good Idahoans out there who do not want their wolves killed and your march against these animals are at the expense of people who want Idaho to be a destination to see them. I asked a former marine college of mine what he thought. He is disgusted at the anti-wolf rhetoric Idaho has decided to adhere too.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 09/01/2011 at 8:08 AM

Re: “Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

So wildlife has no place in America aye? This is going to happen when you encroach on their territory. We do not own the planet. The attack by the grizzly bear was because the man walked to near the bears cubs, it horrible he was killed (no reason to kill the bear). There are risks when hiking in nature, does not mean you should kill them because you are afraid.
There has been minimal reported wolf attacks on humans (matter fact it was 1 in 2010). How many attacks are there on humans by domesticated dogs? Thousands.
Canada has over 40000 wolves and it's not destroying their economy. Idaho is killing off an amazing beautiful animal because OF WHAT? We have refuted ranchers claims, hunters kill the biggest healthiest of the elk, not wolves. Wolves attack the young sick and old. They also eat other animals too. I don't believe you have the exclusive rights to elk or other game. So please explain with logic, why you need to kill over 800 wolves? So far it has been all hearsay and hypocritical BS.

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Posted by Mark Lemke on 08/31/2011 at 2:18 PM

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