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Re: “R & R Public House

I was really looking forward to trying this place after reading the article and reviews. So today I decided to use my Groupon and have some lunch. My brother and I ordered the bacon wrapper jalapenos, calamari, a cold cut flat bread and the finger steaks.

The bacon wrapped jalapenos were probably the best tasting item we ordered. Some of the bacon was not completely cooked. I had the sense that they were previously made and just warmed up under the broiler. The spiciness wasn't very hot. It was odd that they came out in a bowl with a fruit cocktail on the bottom.

When I read "flash fried" when it comes to calamari I'm thinking they will come out tender and crispy. Not this time. The flavor was okay, but they were not crisp, they were not tender and they were oily, all of which fail me for good calamari.

The first bite of the flat bread brought me back to elementary school and the horribly flavored pizzas that were served at lunch. The flat bread itself was good, but the pepperoni, sauce and cheese all combined to make it a bad experience.

Lastly the finger steaks. I love good finger steaks and pride myself on being able to make some of the best damn ones. R&R's finger steaks reminded me of the frozen ones that many a mom and pop drive in serve right out of the bag. The meat was tender but the batter through it off. I knew the flavor instant with the first bite and was so disappointed. The hand cut fries would have been good if they had more than half of them that were actually edible.

I went into this meal with probably too much expectations and therefore the letdown was even more. I wish them the best as I really did like to atmosphere and beer selection. However if something isn't change about the food I think this may only get a second chance.


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Posted by Don Skokie on 10/27/2011 at 3:28 PM

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Re: “Cosmic Pizza Collision

There is something wrong with the universe or just the one Cosmic Pizza is in. Good customer service should be a given at any establishment you visit. It sets the tone and carries it across the whole experience.

Cosmic Pizza wasn't busy by any means; there were two other tables of two the whole time we were there, but the service was almost none existent. Neither my water or my brother's iced tea were refilled at anytime during the almost hour we were there.

To start with we had ordered some Cosmic Comets. They were supposed to be six balls of dough fried, topped with Parmesan and served with marinara. Firstly there were eight balls that came out to the table. I have a real issue with someone who can't count preparing my food. The dough did not seem fried and was raw inside. Fried bread has a tendency to puff up like the description on their menu and these were heavy doughy pieces that by all appearances had been baked. The marinara came straight out of the cooler. Who loves warm dough balls with chilled marinara?

We ordered a small Space Pig; mainly meats and red sauce. The pizza took a long time to get to us and when it did I realized why it took so long. They must bake them in a 200 degree oven. The crust was also doughy and raw like the Cosmic Comets. There was no crispness to it at all. The bottom was anemic and when you picked up a slice the topping slid off as the crust was limp. What was the worst about the pizza? Sausage! If you are going for an out of this world pizza joint why do you serve the same deer turd processed little pieces of sausage that the elementary schools have for the past thirty years? How long does it take to cook some fresh sausage? Fail!

We didn't finish the pizza as there wasn't a good reason to desire any more of it. We sat for ten minutes waiting for the waitress to come out of the back to give us our ticket before going up to the counter to make sure she saw us. The other two tables looked like they were ready to leave as well, but there was no one waiting on anyone.

What Cosmic Pizza lacked was any sign of passion. The decor is half assed and the staff seems more interested in skinny pencil jeans and dyed hair than any semblance of restaurant experience. There was no smile on the waitress's face, no checking to see how the meal was going or if refills were needed. Maybe the person who does the hiring, created the menu or designed the place just gave up as well.

It could have been something different, but it falls into the same bucket as the rest of the place that said "Hey I want a quirky place of my own, but I don't really care how shitty it is."

Please reboot and try again.


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Posted by Don Skokie on 02/27/2012 at 10:06 AM

Re: “R&R Public House Ups the Ante on Pub Food

seekandfind I actually, yes literally, went to R&R today for lunch and you can read my whole review which is pretty honest.

There is my integrity now own up and show yours.

I have posted several reviews and the BW forum for some reason has a problem differentiating between the DonSkokie when I log in with a login and the DonSkokie when I log in using Facebook. Sometimes it shows my reviews and sometimes it doesn't. But if you want to do "research" look at my review of Nuthouse on April 6, 2011.

I'm sorry you feel insulted for being called on something you were wrong about, but one of the things about integrity is owning up to one's mistakes and admitting them.

You might want to start by apologizing for the reviews you made when you hadn't even been to the place of business. Then move on to the comments you made about Best of Boise winners who win year after year but aren't up to your standards while you rave about other Best of Boise winners who win year after year. El Gallo Giro was mediocre at best for me in Kuna, but their taco wagon was good. You rated the Boise El Gallo Giro five stars but have never been there?

This is fun, just like your review of Ocean City. One Star for a closed business! People like you make my life worth living. Keep posting and keep that integrity in check.

Like Fox News Mick is Fair and Balanced,

Posted by Don Skokie on 10/27/2011 at 4:04 PM

Re: “R&R Public House Ups the Ante on Pub Food

seekandfind Yes I only signed up on Oct. 18, 2011 to comment because you are wrong. Maybe you should look at my review of Nuthouse on April 6, 2001. OMG! I went back into the past to post it!

Posted by Don Skokie on 10/26/2011 at 11:59 AM

Re: “R&R Public House Ups the Ante on Pub Food

$15 for an imported specialty beer is not a lot. You can buy Chimay in many grocery stores, beer shops and even some convenience stores. Go look at the prices, they will be all about the same. Go to a sporting event or concert and you will pay $7 for a 16oz light domestic beer. Now take that Chimay Blue label at $15 and 9% alcohol. How many $7 and 4.2% alcohols beers would you have to buy in order to get the same amount? You would be looking at $23.60. Even if you're buying $3.50 light domestic beers in a club or restaurant you would be paying about $15.75. That $15 Chimay is looking mighty cheap. Now it may be looking like R&R is giving you a deal.

My math might not be exactly right, but I think it is close enough to prove you're wrong.


Posted by Don Skokie on 10/20/2011 at 10:23 AM

Re: “R&R Public House Ups the Ante on Pub Food

seekandfind would you please direct everyone towards which beer is $13 a glass? The research you provided does not display any beers that are sold by the glass at $13. Maybe if you weren't such a "stupid dipwad" you would understand what ounces and milliliters refer to on a semi upscale menu. For instance the red Solo cup you're probably used to drinking out of holds 16 to 20 ounces of liquid. If you purchased one of the R&R's 22oz or 750ml selections it would not fit in your Solo cup as it would overflow and you would have a mess on your hands. Understand?


Posted by Don Skokie on 10/18/2011 at 11:12 PM

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