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Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

Rocky Thomas, you are the one spewing boohoo BS that's not worth anyones time. Are those reports you speak of for the same wolf or for different ones? I bet you've got no way to prove it. As for the decline of the ungulates? They were allowed to grow to disproportionally large herd sizes in the absence of their natural predators. The wolves balanced the numbers. That's what predators do. And they don't need a license to do so, nor are they restricted to certain seasons. Nature put predators in charge of keeping prey animals from overpopulating, and it's worked for millions of years. Even back when the top predators included eurypterids and straight nautiloids, the system worked. Humans haven't done anywhere near as good.
Chew on that!

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/15/2014 at 12:29 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

Clearly, Rocky Thomas can't be reasoned with. And there were no Rocky Mountain Grey wolves in the region prior to the reintroductions because they were all killed off. There were no RM Grey wolves to reintroduce. The only option was Canada. And there is no such thing as a Canadian Gray Wolf. There are only North American and Eurasian Gray Wolves. If the ones placed in Yellowstone and Central Idaho in the 1990s were of the Eurasian variety, then they would be considered invasive. But they weren't Eurasian, they were North American, which makes them native to the area. More native than Asian Carp, that's for sure.
And your destruction of deer and elk herds is sheer bulls***, Rocky. The numbers of elk in the Yellowstone states is either at or above objective levels. Same with the deer. But since hunters are too lazy to get off their fat asses and look for them, like real predators do, they blame it on the natural predators. They always take the easy way out. They values these Satan-footed ungulates like they're gold or platinum and want them lazy and lethargic so that they are easy to kill. Seriously, Rocky, you and all wolf haters give the "sportsmen" a bad name.

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/14/2014 at 12:42 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

"Actually Pete... the introduction of these wolves was in fact ILLEGAL. They are not indigenous to the US. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, and others involved in this introduction did NOT file the paperwork involved to bring that species across the Canadian border and introduce them here, making it ILLEGAL.…

As for it being a weekday, what the hell has that got to do with the fact that only 5 people could tear themselves away to aggravate the governor of Idaho about shooting a wolf? I suppose he was supposed to come to the capital on a weekend to make it more convenient for them to harrass him?? And, obviously "this slaughter" wasn't illegal, or someone with Idaho Game and Fish would have been up there to visit the governor, rather than 5 folks from the looney bin!"

Spare your BS for someone who cares, Rocky. Lawlessness runs rampant in Idaho, so no wonder no one from IDFG has criticized the governor to his face. Probably out of fear of losing his/her job. And does the term "work-week" mean anything to you? Clearly not. And yes, this genocide of the wild is illegal, made legal through illegal means and through scare tactics and intimidation. That's all the pro-hunting crowd are good at. On an even playing field, they would lose. So they had to cheat the system to get their way. They must be punished. I don't care how, as long as justice is served.

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/13/2014 at 12:06 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

MissBHavin, you are the REAL worm here, as are all the wolf-hating, anti-wildlife sub-humans. And Rocky Thomas, the only ones here who belong in the looney bin are those who advocate this genocide of the wild. Plus, it was during a weekday, when people are at work. Did that ever cross your mind? I'm guessing not. And the wolves were NOT illegally introduced. The way this slaughter was allowed, however, WAS ILLEGAL.

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/12/2014 at 1:40 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

And to those of you who claim anti-hunters are trying to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights to own guns, you really need your brains examined. If you don't believe me, allow the intelligent stand up comedy of Jim Jefferies to illustrate this point.

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/11/2014 at 1:39 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

3) Hunting is a “manly” sport.
First of all, hunting isn’t even a sport—Sport is generally recognized as an activity based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Sports are usually governed by rules to ensure fair competition. A sport is played by two equally matched, or at least equally willing, sides. According to SportAccord, the second criteria determining if something is a sport: it be in no way harmful to any living creature. And anyway, real men respect animals (see above).

2) Hunting licenses pay for wildlife refuges.
In truth, hunting licenses pay for hunter playgrounds, not true wildlife refuges. Take a look at how many “refuges” have been opened up to hunting; or just try to close an area to hunting for the sake of wildlife and hear the nimrods wail. If hunters hadn’t hijacked all the refuges, more bird watchers, hikers and others who truly appreciate nature would gladly pay for a pass to frequent those places. Furthermore, non-consumptive wildlife watchers contribute far more to local economies than do hunters.

1) Hunting keeps kids out of trouble.
Sticking a gun in a child’s hand and telling him or her to shoot Bambi is likely to leave lasting psychological scars, whether it’s PTSD or a heart calloused for killing.

(Bonus fallacy) God put Animals here for us to use.
Don’t flatter yourself.

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/11/2014 at 12:27 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

6) Hunting is needed to control animal populations.
You’d really have to have no understanding of or faith in Mother Nature to make such a claim—she was doing a fine job of taking care of her own before Man came along and appointed himself “manager” and “game” keeper. No niche goes unfilled for long before some natural predator finds it and fixes a “problem”…if we allow them to. Besides, hunting animals like deer makes them breed more, resulting in more deer, not fewer.

5) If we don’t kill deer they’ll become a traffic hazard.
Four words: Slow the f*** Down.
More animals are hit by cars during hunting season than any other time of year, usually when fleeing from bloodthirsty sportsmen with guns.

4) Hunting teaches respect for wildlife and an appreciation for nature.
Ha! That’s like a serial killer claiming his crimes foster a respect for women. Tracking down and shooting something does not equal respect. Try using a camera or binoculars if you really want to respect them.

The remainder are up next...

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Posted by Pete Braun on 09/11/2014 at 12:26 AM

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