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Re: “Mr. Cope's Cave: Duck Nasty

I've tried to understand the mentality of those who watch this show. Intellegent (or so I thought) friends of mine defended the show to me many times by saying how delightful it was to see something on TV other than hate filled reality shows or murder/cop shows. They especially liked the praying at the end. I watched one episode and was left with the same impression I had as a child after leaving church listening to my Father cuss up a storm about the Priest, whom he insisted we go listen to every Sunday: Confused, sickened and wanting never to have the experience again! Mr. Cope I agree whole heartedly with your analysis, but with the cavate that we, as the American public should aslo have the right to expect from the producers of shows such as A & E (Arts and Entertainment) that they have the wisdom to choose more wisely what is broadcasted; for example something with an entertaining value above a 1. Just like TLC's "Honey Boo Boo" or Animal Planet's "Wildman", it is obvious these producers feel the intellegence of TV audiences have declined mightly in the last few years. Like you, I feel no need to dummy myself by watching these shows and in fact am shocked when I hear from my aqauintances who does. Perhaps it is a fascination with creatures previously unknown to them? Anyway, it does sadden me that Mr. Robertson and his family are able to use their show to not only promote conflicting moral values, but hide them under the guise of Christianity. I hope it all passes quickly like a bad dream.

Posted by arespectablelady on 12/31/2013 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Social Justice for Social Workers?

PSR= patient services representitive. A person who helps the disabled with everyday problems. Social Worker= Someone with a college degree trained in dealing with psychco/soical needs of disabled people. A person who can assist a person with dealing with soicety/doctors/goverment. There should be seperate pay for a PSR and a social worker, just as there is seperate pay between a social worker and a social worker with a Master's degree.

This article was written in 2006, it is now2013 and requirments have changed, but unfortunately, pay is still too low for the average social worker. Social worker's oversee the work of the PSRs as well as having their own client base that they see on a regular basis. They are doing two jobs at once on one pay. Regardless of what people think these are necessary individuals in our culture and should be paid better. In our soicety it is sad that the high paying people are sports heros and politicions, not ulturistic people like social workers, teachers and others.

Posted by arespectablelady on 10/29/2013 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Boise Police After Shooting Dog: 'Officers Never Want to Harm an Animal'

As someone who as been rushed at and attack by so called "wouldn't hurt a flea" dogs while out walking I have a bit of an idea of what these officers probably felt like. As for tazing the dog that would have killed it just the same as the volts would have been too high for it's heart. Pepper spray has been known to be inaffective on bears and in fact escalted the attack..I am not sure just how affective it is on all dogs. Perhaps this could have been the first approach here but again if you feel you are being threatened by a half way decent sized dog charging you, you want to stop it! Many people think their dogs are sweet and wonderful but they don't see the other side. Lots of dogs don't like uniforms of any kind as they have barked at and thereby "chased" off the mailman and UPS people; some do so aggressivly. This dog, with a litter of pups may have been extra aggressive at that time. I also have little sympathy for people who let their dogs loose (even for a moment) in their front yards! You are just asking for trouble. It would be interesting if this incident could have been witnessed by someone who neither hated the police nor knew the dog and therefore could have given an unbiased report.

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Posted by arespectablelady on 10/28/2013 at 4:23 PM

Re: “What Do You Want to Know?

Anyone else angered by street long traffic barriers?

What is with the traffic barriers on Eagle and Fairview roads as well as many of the other roads around Boise/Meridian that prevents crossing the medians well away from the most busiest intersections? It forces drivers to drive unreasonable lengths or to turn into subdivisions where a traffic light is but no U turn signal turn around in their streets in order to go the opposite way or simply to get to the opposite side of the road. I understand people make stupid mistakes when using the median for turning but perhaps educating drivers would be a better solution then what is going on now. We have enough pollution in this city as it is and to make us drive 1/2 a mile one way only to turn around to drive 1/2 mile back when we could have crossed the road is ridiculous. Not to mention the price of gas! Don't even get me started on the silly concrete barriers that limit the amount of cars that can be in the turning lanes at lights! I just love missing a traffic light because those barriers were in the way and I'm stuck sitting behind a row of cars going straight! I'm not sure who does the designing of all these things, but I have a feeling he/she doesn't drive much!

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Posted by arespectablelady on 05/08/2013 at 4:00 PM

Re: “Study: 'Modern' Couples More Likely to Split

And this study was done by what age group? If you are staying with someone only because they are providing for you financially, your marriage is in trouble anyway. If you think waiting on a man hand and foot is going to make him appreciate you and love you are sadly mistaken. And if a man isn't able to bring himself to the level of cooking, cleaning (including cleaning the bathroom) and doing laundry then he isn't ready to have an adult relationship and shouldn't be getting married anyway!

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Posted by arespectablelady on 09/29/2012 at 4:46 PM

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