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Re: “Weed Out

Cannabis users, though they consume on average more calories than non-users, have lower body-mass index.

Cannabis users, even daily users, show less incidence of head, neck, and lung cancer and no increased chance for COPD compared to non-smokers.

Cannabis users show no long term cognitive impairments and what deficits in short term memory that exist while high do not exist when the high wears off.

Recent reports of "8 point IQ loss" for early adolescent heavy users has been criticized by the very journal that originally published it, with another researcher showing the same results could be blamed on socio-economic factors.

The notion that 9% of users of 16% of adolescent users become "addicts" is ludicrous. First, marijuana has no toxic withdrawal, like withdrawal from alcohol or heroin. Second, marijuana doesn't cause intense craving, such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and meth. Third, 108 million Americans have tried marijuana. If 9% became "addicted", we have 9.7 million "addicts". According to gov't surveys, to get 9.7 million "addicts", you need to include people smoking pot as little as three times a week - some "addict".

Educational attainment and life satisfaction measures are confounded by the fact that marijuana being illegal gets you kicked out of school, forfeits your student aid, and prevents you from applying for certain jobs.

Self motivation and intellect? Please. Michael Phelps and Carl Sagan. Sir RIchard Branson and Richard Feynman.

I'm a marijuana "addict". I use it every day, throughout the day. I also am self-employed, run a non-profit, am a professional lecturer and speaker and writer, am very capable in information technology, and I play a mean blues bass. There are 3 million of us in America who smoke pot every day. And (believe it or not), a person who smokes pot in America today is more likely to be employed than a non-pot smoker.

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Posted by Russ Belville on 02/13/2014 at 8:27 PM

Re: “Feds Dramatically Down-Size Boise County Pot Bust

Don't worry, this is just an isolated incident. Idaho police wouldn't routinely over-estimate plant counts in order to secure lengthier mandatory minimum sentences. That is scarcely conceivable from the kind of people who steal children from multiple sclerosis patients who use medical marijuana.

Maybe someone can turn on Sesame Street in the precinct house. ONE! One pot plant! TWO! Two pot plants! Bwaa ha ha ha ha!

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Posted by Russ Belville on 09/23/2013 at 11:33 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Medical Marijuana Advocate Goes Public After Children Are Taken, Placed Into Foster Care

And BSPolice, she has tried all those toxic drugs you listed and more. Nothing works like cannabis.

I know so many of you people think medical marijuana is a fraud, that stoners are just faking it to get high. I wish you could meet the people I've met.

--the Lou Gehrig's Disease patient in Florida who was given 2 years to live... in 1986! Thanks to cannabis, she's still alive and able to speak (even Stephen Hawking, one of the longest-lived ALS patients, doesn't speak.)

--the Crohn's patient from England who came to America looking like a freshly-liberated Holocaust survivor who put on 20 pounds thanks to medical marijuana.

--the autistic boy in Oregon whose seizures are so profound he beats himself bloody, who then calms down and becomes manageable with a small cannabis-infused cookie.

--the little girl with leukemia who was laughing and munching french fries just an hour after chemotherapy thanks to a cannabis oil treatment.

--the first multiple sclerosis patient I met before Lindsey Rinehart, who is a graphic design artist. I saw her shaking so violently it would be impossible to hold down her job, then she takes a few puffs off of a vaporizer bag* and the tremors cease immediately and she returns to work.

You cannot seriously be residing in the 21st century and think marijuana has no medical value. Sure, there are people who just like to smoke pot and get high, but Lindsey Rinehart isn't one of them, she is a patient who has found the best medicine for treating her condition.

So she stays in Idaho to fight to change the laws. This notion that "Well, the law is the law, if you don't like it, leave!" would mean segregated lunch counters would still exist in Mississippi. It's bad enough when I tell people I'm from Idaho, the two things they mention are potatoes and Neo-Nazis. Do you really want to be known as the state that forces severely disabled people to leave under threat of imprisonment and breaking up their families? Are you really that afraid of "the pot"?

*vaporization = heating cannabis to the point where THC vaporizes, but the bud doesn't burn. This method causes NO SMOKE (think like those e-cigs that are so popular now).

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Posted by Russ Belville on 04/30/2013 at 3:22 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Medical Marijuana Advocate Goes Public After Children Are Taken, Placed Into Foster Care

So explain to me how this works:

You live in Idaho. Your family lives in Idaho. Your children are born in Idaho. It is your home and you love it.

But you get sick. Really sick. So you try every legal option you can, but they don't work and have awful side effects.

Then you discover a miracle - cannabis. It works! It honest-to-God relieves your pain and spasticity and you can live an almost-healthy life.

But, tsk tsk, it's illegal. So...

a) you pack up everything and move to Oregon right away. Goodbye friends and family. And of course, you have plenty of money to just up and move.

b) you stay and fight to educate your state about this miracle medicine.

How would Idaho ever change if the people who need the change move out? Should they all base in Ontario? Travel 50 miles to the statehouse when necessary? Face Idaho State Police profiling them, pulling them over, and doing the "dog alerted" trick to empty their entire car's contents on the side of I-84?

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Posted by Russ Belville on 04/30/2013 at 2:57 AM

Re: “Idaho Man Accused of Racist Remark, Slapping a Child on Delta Flight

OK, what's funniest, the name "Joe Rickey", he does this flying into ATL, or the paper had a *previous* mug shot?

Posted by Russ Belville on 03/06/2013 at 8:54 PM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

StupidSheeple (irony alert), let me help you understand this.

I am an advocate for marijuana legalization for all adults. No hidden agenda here; I think if you can carry a gun in the sand, you can put a joint in your hand.

So OF COURSE I would support a limited legalization of marijuana for the seriously ill people like Lindsey. How could I not? It's not any hidden agenda; it's simple compassion. Yeah, I want my right to smoke a joint, but I can put that way behind the imperitive to stop arresting really sick people who are getting genuine relief from cannabis.

You can support medical use without supporting recreational use. Currently, national sentiment is about 75% for medical and 50% for recreational. So for every four people, 1 person hates all pot use, 1 supports medical use, and 2 think it should be legal for all adults. It's OK... you can be that 1 who supports medical and opposes recreational.

I know the fear is "Californicating" Idaho. Don't let FOX News fool you - there is medical marijuana and then there is California, where it is basically legalization with a doctor's permission slip. In the latest medical marijuana states and in the Idaho proposal, you're not going to have people claiming hammertoe and getting a card.

This is seriously about cancer, AIDS, HIV, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, epilepsy, gut-wrenching nausea, and real, intractable, life-altering pain. Opposing this measure is essentially saying those seriously sick people must be arrested to prevent some healthy person from lighting a joint. Which will never stop the healthy person who wants to smoke a joint from doing so, but will deny to the desperately sick patients a legitimate medicine that can alleviate and even treat their conditions.

Or force them to move to Oregon, as many of the people I know here in Portland have done.

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Posted by Russ Belville on 03/06/2013 at 7:35 PM

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