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Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

You must be joking. Legalizing marijuana will make it less available. Just like Alcohol and Tobacco you have to prove you are of age to use it. It is already easily available to the young now. The street sellers don't care about age. There is no proof that it does damage the brain, that was Ronald and Nancy Regan's lie. Enjoying a joint after work is no different then having a drink. Just because a person does not need has little to do with being allowed the enjoyment of. I can relax playing poker, farmville, or watching TV but what does that have to do with my enjoying a joint from time to time? Besides why do people have to move to enjoy an Herb that was legal all over the US and was made illegal because of power and money not health reasons. There are 18 states with medical + DC and 2 states where its legal now and more bills being brought out like in Maine and Ohio will try to make it legal. One day it will be legal again.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 05/04/2013 at 2:06 AM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

Now the word is they are talking about making cannabis legal in Ohio. Could Ohio be the 3rd to make it legal for adults? It would be a closer trip for me the Denver.
What is meant by "Not in this Lifetime?" Its well on its way to being Legal in this lifetime.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 05/03/2013 at 7:32 PM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

Those grows do not sound like the Legal Medical grows. A legal grow would be regulated just like any other farmer. Speaking of did you know that farmers caused damage to the Gulf of Mexico? The amount of nitrogen they used that went down run offs went down streams to the gulf and kill the oxygen and created dead zones.

In California there are illegals in the parks that grow for mexican cartels and they don't care about the environment at all but that should change when marijuana is legal and we can grow our own. They don't grow anywhere near where there are other people, even the shows about this on TV say the grow are in outside the areas where people go. They can't keep a grow hidden to well when no one knows where it is at let alone where people hunt or hike. These people just grow among the other plants but legal grows use green houses and enclose the grow area to keep the animals out with having to kill any of them. This is a reason to legalize and to secure our boarders to keep the illegal growers out. If US citizens can grow or go out and buy they would not need to do an illegal grow.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 04/14/2013 at 1:09 AM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

You mean I need to Come Back to California? I wished I'd never left that way I too can enjoy "Medical" marijuana. Ok the dispensaries are/were/can be around but then how would it be able to have one that was not around one of them places? Besides you make it sound like its so bad to have a dispensary near any of them places? Its better then a liquor store or on the same lines as a pharmacy. Churches even Pat Robertson of the 700 Club is against the war, besides its a 'seed barring Herb' given to us for food. What is the difference between the fertilizers used in growing marijuana and in growing any other plant? The marijuana grows in the forest was there long before medical. The grow homes was not brought about because of "Medical" they were there before medical ever passed and are in areas that do not have medical, I have done my research. Now there are some states that have laws that allow home grow but its on a limited number of plants. Marijuana is in every state either legally or illegally. Marijuana does not "Ruin" a state Prohibition does, the alcohol prohibition was what help make gangs of the 30's what they were. Actually I want to move to Colorado where it has Medical and its Legal for all Adults 21 and older plus you can grow. Yes it is my cup of tea, I know its a safe herb that is good for many things like pain which I am in all the time from a back problem in nerve pain down my arms and legs.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 04/13/2013 at 6:57 PM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

That is the thing distracted drivers or those under the influence are out there if medical cannabis is passed or not. People are going to come into work drunk or stoned with or with out medical being passed. The government has been fighting this war for over 50 years and no closer to winning. More people want this war to end then before, over 50% wants it to end. Even more then that want medical legal. Slow reaction is only a problem if you work with hazardous equipment. States with or with out medical are setting up duid laws to check ng/ml blood test to show impaired drivers.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 03/20/2013 at 2:12 AM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

"Robert Jenkins, Are you smoking pot ? Your wandering post sure sounds like you are on something. Was there supposed to be a point to your post ? I guess you are for legalizing marijuana. I am for legalizing an educational system that has not dumbed down the standards of achievement so that people can successfully communicate their thoughts. I'd also like to see broad use of drug testing so we can know when to take someone's protests seriously."

Are you talking about my reply to your post or the one to 'bye bye california' ? Mine are more of a direct reply to those posts so you would have to read them to understand mine. But yes I am on something, pain pills for my back and sciatic nerve pain. I wish I was on pot it would be better the the pills. I am for medical and I am for recreational pot use. Take my posts seriously or not that's up to you but I am not going to take a drug test for it. Would that mean you get to take a test before anyone takes your posts seriously?

"Get a prescription for pharmaceutical THC. No need to smoke it.
If you want to have legal access, then give the cops better tools for identifying pot heads. Give welfare agencies drug testing before dispensing taxpayer funds. Give employers better ways to do unscheduled drug testing.
Require a minimum age of 21 with zero tolerance for under 21.
And tax it to pay for the damages caused by thieves and stoned drivers."

Again why would I want to "get a prescription for pharmaceutical THC"? When that is only one small part, the part that gets you high, of the medical properties of a cannabis plant. Just because I don't have to smoke does not mean I shouldn't or can't smoke it, there is nothing wrong with smoking weed. There is also nothing wrong with being a "pot head" and people should not be discriminated against just because they smoke weed. Why does employers need any better way to test then urine, hair, or blood? Again why discriminate? There are many medical reason people under 21 can use cannabis to save their lives and they just like adults should not be denied. I don't understand the tax it to pay for the damages caused by thieves and stoned drivers? What? There were no thieves or stoned drivers before there was medical cannabis? You have more to worry about thieves trying to get a crack or heroin fix then cannabis.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 03/19/2013 at 10:48 PM

Re: “Pro-Medical Marijuana Group Launches Idaho Ballot Initiative

WHAT????? This is the best thing Idaho could do. "Marijuana dispensaries popping up all over, even next/close to churches, schools, gun shops, restaurants, sporting goods stores, strip malls (just to mention a few) it doesn't matter. " One you can't open any shop that isn't next/close to one of them and they have to be 600 feet from schools. Do you watch TV there are grow houses now, no one lives in a grow house, from the out side it looks just like any other house. You have people under the influence now. This is not about making cannabis legal for all adults, Yet, this is for medical so patients can get a better medicine that is not additive nor can you OD on. You have people on Hydro's and Oxy's out there at all hours of the day and night. What kind of people do you think smoke cannabis? They are good law abiding citizens except for a stupid law that made cannabis illegal for no other reason then money and power. This will not change the sale of supplies it will just protect patients from being harassed by the law. The money brought in is one the benefits because cannabis is there but the city/state is not seeing any of that money. In CA there was people from south of the boarder growing and living in tents that could of ended IF CA would have made it legal for all adults. If you can go to a store or grow a 5x5 plot you won't need to get junk from mexico. One day cannabis will be re-legalized.

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Posted by Robert Jenkins on 03/19/2013 at 3:49 PM

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