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Re: “Le Cafe de Paris

As I age, I have found that I am experiencing less ‘Perfect Days’ than I did when I was younger. Between the ages of 7 – 11, they were the rule rather than the exception to.

Today, however, was one – perfect that is. It was overcast, gray, but not too wet Monday morning. It was the 4th of October but it was the first day that actually felt like autumn (fall has become my favorite time of year as opposed to summer when I was a younger man). I needed to meet with a client to tweak her new website and we both were in the mood for a light breakfast.

I got to choose the spot and I was in the mood for good house coffee, buttery eggs, flavorful breakfast potatoes and crispy, thick lean bacon. Now there are a couple Boise eateries that can fill most and sometimes, even, all that bill; but none can claim the next two items only offered by Le Café De Paris: fresh, in-house made, aromatic, European, east coast bakery – Artisan bread and Pastries. Add these two items to your requirement list and all other establishments fall away.

Nestled right downtown Boise, across from the capitol building and just at the edge of the office district (read: a parking spot is always available nearby) Le Café De Paris is truly a Treasure ‘hidden’ in plain sight. I was running a few minutes late and arrived to find the owner visiting with my client at our table. I was immediately greeted warmly by the hostess/waitress and the owner as he graciously excused himself and wished us bon appetite. There were plenty of available tables at 9:30AM but nearly none by the time we made our departure at eleven.

The breakfast I described above was perfection and not a tad less exceptional than identical orders I’ve had there a half dozen times before (on weekends I am more experimental and will order new items knowing that even if I were to be disappointed, which I never have been; I could correct the situation by ordering one of their incomparable nutella croissants.)

Our meal lasted about 30 minutes and then we proceeded to break out our laptops and get down to business. Although I would not presume to keep our table if there had been a line, we were made to feel doubly welcome by our waitress who continually kept our delicious coffee hot and our water glasses filled. My meal was $8 and I promised our waitress a good tip for her graciousness in an effort to alleviate my guilt for having taken up a table for so long for a relatively small order. She good naturedly reassured me we were fine and as we readied ourselves to finally (and wistfully) leave… she filled my travel mug with one more cup of their excellent French joe. That, my friend, was the topper and made a great morning – PERFECT.

Posted by eugeboy on 03/09/2011 at 9:12 AM

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Re: “BW Video: Still Another Add the Words Protest, More Arrests, At Idaho Capitol

Please read Mike Butts comment above. I was there yesterday helping to film a documentary relating to "Add the 4 Words" and observed many ISP Troopers throughout the day; both while they were interacting with the demonstrators and also when they were generally in the area conducting their daily business at the Capitol Building. I did not witness one of them behaving un-professionally or with anything other than respect towards the protesters or anyone else at any time. In fact, if my read on people is anywhere near accurate, I would offer the opinion that they may have felt personally conflicted about the situation but resolved to do their duty. As Mike said, this is not about the ISP (or any police or security organization) working at the Capitol.

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Posted by eugeboy on 02/21/2014 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Best Local Twitterer

I enjoy following all three, although Wendie is my personal favorite!

Posted by eugeboy on 09/29/2010 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Break dancing vs. the mariachi band

Very Cool. Thanks for sharing both.

Posted by eugeboy on 08/06/2009 at 5:40 PM

Re: “Not Quite the Oscars, but Not Bad

I am saddened and confused by the sentiments that 'Reaper' expresses above. I have a need for clarity and joy that is sorely abused by those words. I wonder if Reaper would be more specific or would care to enlighten as to why he considers the Festival to be a joke?

This is my first year involved in i48. I experienced an idea supported by simple action, manifested by willing teams of people from all walks, experience, and financial status; supported by a willing and generous community culminate in a fun filled, physically challenging, and creatively stimulating competition where the competitors rooted each other on and, in a number of cases, helped one another out.

All were treated with dignity. Many businesses, neighborhoods and neighbors got to appear on the big screen at the cost of, perhaps, a little inconvenience. Simple parameters were imposed to encourage integrity, but instead created a thread of connection between the 'competitors" that even the audience came to appreciate after their third or fourth film.

We are not Seattle or Aspen. We are the Treasure valley Community - a family in a very true sense of the word. If you (Reaper) ever travel, especially abroad, and have the unique pleasure of unexpectedly meeting up with a fellow SpudKicker, you will find that you have a lot in common; a sort of shared spirit based in a common integrity, an expectation of generosity and camaraderie very much like a family.

In my nuclear family we enjoy Pictionary. Some of us are accomplished artist, some of us are very adept 'guessers' and some are 10 years old - neither accomplished or adept. Some of us are great at Pictionary and some of us are learning to be great - win or lose.

While we play, we forget our troubles and those that surround us everyday. We forget the negative circumstances that abound in our community, in our state, our country and the world (especially Seattle and Aspen). We are distracted, but just for a little bit, while we commune in shared joy as we focus on fun.

i48, for me, my team, my family, my friends (and I think - my community)!

Posted by eugeboy on 06/11/2009 at 12:20 AM

Re: “Cinema on Speed

You know that classic movie moment when a bunch of kids are in a foot race or soldiers are running to safety and someone falls? You know the heart tweaking moment when someone in front notices a fallen comrade (or competitor) and goes back to help them up and they go on together? If you combine that feel good moment with the urgency of a treasure hunt and the "no sleep, 25 hours of pushing it to the limit" driving force of military boot camp you might begin to imagine what it is like to be a part of the i48 Film Festiaval.

As the owner of a small local production company here in Boise, I am very aware of costs and limitations. The smallest well thought out production must take into consideration costs for equipment and prop rental, location fees and scheduling, feeding and paying actors and and writers, etc. For i48 their is only one limitation - time. You have exactly 48 hours to script, shoot and produce a 6 minute film (you have no idea what your genre is until you are handed your assignment).

I say that this is the ONLY limitation because this was my first year as part of an i48 production team and I now have first hand experience. Everyone on our team, Sidewayz Films, was there to give 150% because they wanted to be a part of the experience, vision and hope. No one was paid, no one was elevated by resume or accomplishments, no one was promised a future of luxury in films or production. We all, to a person, just wanted to be a part of something bigger than our individual lives; we were not disappointed.

From the get go, we slammed it into high gear and didn't stop until the gas ran out and we came coasting, spent and worn, across the finish line. It was demanding, it was frustrating, it was challenging; but that was not the most memorable part for me.

The thing I will remember most about my i48 experience is this: In the Treasure Valley we live in abundance. We have abundant joy, abundant resources, abundant beauty, friendship, hope, trust, companionship, goodwill.... we have abundant abundance! I know I am gushing, but when you do something for a living day in and day out and deal with the industry ups and downs, client and vendor issues, logistics and money, one might tend to become jaded; perhaps resentful of ones choice of career, location, luck and history. Out of necessity and need for expediency, these things are set aside, at least for 48 hours while one becomes clear and focused on the goal: do your best for and give your all to the team; not just your team - the i48 team, the Treasure Valley community team, the 'everyone that might ever watch any of these films' team.

Locations, props, wardrobe, extras and equipment was secured with phone calls, text messages, facebook, email, and good ol' fashion on the spot asking. These are things I must obtain at some cost and then sell at a profit during my daily work week but for 48 hours, the abundance of the Treasure Valley was free for the asking. We asked for a lot and were given much more. We were given the opportunity to be, not just great, but grateful. I was in a state of sublime gratitude from the minute I was invited to join Team Sidewayz (last years winner - Best of Films) through asking for wardrobe from The Costume Shop to filming in business locations during business hours to being rooted on by crowds gathering to watch us film.

It's too much to list every gratifying event that happened in every gratifying minute but suffice to say, I saw my friends, my neighbors and my entire community in a brand new light, actually a new glow of beauty and abundance. All thanks to a little local film festival and competition: i48.

Posted by eugeboy on 06/07/2009 at 9:34 AM

Re: “The Waterfront at Lake Harbor

The best place in Boise for nearly any event!

Posted by eugeboy on 06/02/2009 at 10:33 AM

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