Readers' Choice Black-and-White Photo Contest 

Whereas Boise Weekly has been hosting the annual Black-and-White Photo Contest for the past 13 years...

Whereas the Black-and-White Photo Contest is one of the most popular contests among readers...

Whereas we do live in a democracy and although Idaho's voter turnout numbers don't always show it, everyone likes to have their say when given a chance...

Whereas the winners of Black-and-White Photo Contest are in the running for fame, fortune and all its attendant luxuries...

We hereby declare that, after a hiatus of two years, there shall be three Black-and-White Photo Contest entries chosen by the readers, for the readers and crowned the winners of the Readers' Choice awards.

Therefore, without further ado, exercise your rights and privileges and cast your vote for up to five of your photo choices in each category you think deserves to be dubbed a Readers' Choice winner. The photo with the most votes in each category will receive a prize.

*The fine print: Winners of the 13th annual Black-and-White Photo Contest will be published in the June 24 edition of Boise Weekly. Readers' Choice voting will remain open until noon on Thursday, June 18. Have a look at last year's winners here.

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