A Desperate Housewife of Garden City 

Group seeks to secede from larger city

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Hahn and her group do not seem to be intimidated by the city's intention to thwart their plans with legal action. For this interview, Hahn has gathered a sampling of initiative supporters in her spacious kitchen. Sally Manders, 45, one of the GBGCAF's most vociferous members, insists the initiative will pass by a wide margin.

"I think our side will probably have a 100 percent turnout on Election Day. Honestly, that's how worked up the people I know are. And look at their side. Can you imagine people who live like that even vote?"

Manders' husband, Jerry Manders, chides her for what he perceives as snobbery.

"You shouldn't say things like that, Sal. Just because people live in some rundown parts of town doesn't mean they aren't good citizens."

Manders remains unconvinced.

"So tell me, then, Mister Hero-Of-The-Little-Guy, after all these years, why haven't they come up with some kind of Days? Huh? Think about it. Every other town around here has some kind of Days. Dairy Days in Meridian. That God and Country Days over in Nampa. Rocky Mountain Oyster Days in Eagle. Boise has all those things going on like Music Week Days and Arts in the Park Days. But not Garden City, huh-uh. It's the only place I know of that doesn't have some kind of Days going on. And why is that, do you suppose? Because who would show up for a 'Wire Fence and Weedy Streets Days?' Or a 'Secondhand Office Furniture Days?'"

When reminded that the fairgrounds, race track and stadium are within Garden City limits, Brock shakes his head.

"They won't be when the initiative passes. We're taking all that stuff with us." (See map of the proposed new city limits, Page 14.)

Asked if the GBGCAF rebels have given any thought to the name of their new town, Hahn responds, "I'd love to call it 'Garden City.' Doesn't that sound pretty, 'city of gardens?' But the name carries too much baggage with it. And besides, if I know those good old boys in the administration, they won't give up the name and there would end up being two Garden Cities, theirs and ours, side by side. So we've been thinking up other possibilities but haven't really settled on anything."

Jerry chimes in, "I still think we should call it Reaganton."

Hahn rolls her eyes. "Reaganton, Jerry? Really?"

Manders, almost as though she's thinking out loud, says, "What if we call it Rivreville? You know, like a French way of saying Riverville? You know, like they did with Boise Centre."

Hahn jumps off her stool with excitement.

"I know! Let's call it Ville d'Rivre. Oh, that would be so cool. Ville d'Rivre. Doesn't that sound cool?"

Whatever they end up calling it, the Treasure Valley should be prepared to accept a new addition to its family of communities.

Surandajeesh Ahmindohr is a motivational speaker/freelance writer whose articles can be found regularly in Horseshoe Bend Senior Living and Doing Your Business in Idaho.

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