A Graying Cartel 

North Idaho's newest drug dealers could have used a few lessons before they hit the streets. Maybe if some friendly, more-established dealer had cared enough to take David A. Gleason, 60, and his wife Velma M. Gleason, 63, under his wing, the Sandpoint couple wouldn't be in the position they're in. Maybe they would have learned what could reasonably be called Lesson No. 1 in Prescription-Drug Trafficking 101: Namely, take the prescription off the bottle.

(Palm smack on forehead.)

On Feb. 15, Idaho State Police officers found Velma's bottle of hydrocodone under the car seat of one William Peter Friesz, whom the officers had pulled over for speeding near Blanchard, Idaho. The label on the bottle had been partially removed, but according to an article in the Bonner County Daily Bee, police were nonetheless able to trace the prescription back to the Priest River pharmacy that had filled it for Velma.

According to police, the Gleasons were strapped for cash and were selling their prescriptions to make ends meet. The couple is scheduled to be arraigned in U.S. District Court in Coeur D'Alene next month, though the state has offered to recommend probation in lieu of jail time.

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