A Long Way Down 

Brian "B-Real" Ward definitely turned up the gain on the "gnar-amplitude" of extreme kayaking in April by dropping 100 feet over Metlako Falls on Oregon's Eagle Creek. It's just part of a pattern for the 26-year-old Idaho River Sports employee.

Ward moved to Idaho in 2007 to experience "some of the most embracing paddlers and best whitewater out there," and since then, he has made his presence known by kayaking some of Idaho's top rivers at their highest flows, including class V Jacob's Ladder on the North Fork of the Payette at 4,000 cfs--"one of the gnarliest things I have ever done," he said.

Ward has been kayaking for nine years and has numerous accomplishments under his belt, including the recent decent of Metlako Falls. His descent of the drop was the ninth recorded. Not one for publicity or self-promotion, Ward can best be described as a "spiritual boater" and in it for the personal experience, not the hype or media attention. Regardless of his intentions, not many people can say that they have successfully kayaked a 100-foot drop.:

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