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One BW bar reviewer's boozy dreamscape

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Adam Rosenlund

Picture it like an ongoing genie's wish.

You approach the dark wooden bar top and scan the seemingly endless line of taps, mostly local brews.

No, you sit in a seat that swivels and order your favorite 10-year-old whiskey, neat.

No, it barely even counts as a bar top. It's merely a counter, and you're seeking some sub-par champagne and barroom OJ.

There's a pool table—free.

Tylor & The Train Robbers play live in the corner, or Hozier's voice seeps through the ceiling tiles, or—are The Beatles really drinking music? Why not.

The bartender knows you, not well, but well enough to know when you're in the mood for a White Claw, which, unashamedly, is more often than not.

The Wi-Fi is strong, which makes it acceptable to start drinking in the early afternoon. As long as your laptop is out, it technically counts as working.

There never needs to be an excuse to return to your favorite bar, but here they provide one anyway. Try all 50 taps and get a free T-shirt—same with the 50 State Challenge. Try all the bottles and it's free scrubs.

A chalkboard behind the bar lets you know that the Shake-a-Day is up to $306.50. For two quarters you roll a cup of dice, hoping for five of a kind to win the pot (and, inevitably, cover the whole room's tabs). The pot is now $307.

It's almost closing time, so you order one more shot, another round. It's the end of the night at the perfect bar and the sun has long since gone down.

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