A Recipe for Success: The New Partnership Between Flatbread Pizza and Life's Kitchen 

click to enlarge Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria
  • Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria
Most Treasure Valley residents have heard of either Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria or Life’s Kitchen,quite possibly both. A partnership between Flatbread and Life’s Kitchens’ began this past January and the owners, directors and trainees have been working together since.

“We’ve wanted to create a commissary kitchen for quite some time,” said Robert Lumsden, owner of Flatbread. “Instead of building our own, we wanted to work with Life’s Kitchen, which has moved us in the same direction.”

Lumsden added that he hopes that the products made by Life’s Kitchen will eventually be used in the rest of his restaurants across the Northwest.  Life’s Kitchen, a program dedicated to helping young adults from 16 to 24 learn cooking and life skills through a free sixteen week program, has been working with Flatbread by making the restaurant’s salad dressings for their Downtown Boise location. The company also plans to add more items from their menu to Life’s Kitchen’s repertoire as time passes.

“They’re putting out a great product,” said Lumsden, adding that the partnership has benefited both parties and will be a continuous endeavor.

click to enlarge Currently, Life's Kitchen is making salad dressings for the downtown Boise Flatbread location.
  • Currently, Life's Kitchen is making salad dressings for the downtown Boise Flatbread location.
Flatbread is no stranger to community involvement. Since they have been open, they have worked with several charities, including Create Common Good and the Idaho Food Bank. This continuous involvement with the community is part of what inspired Flatbread to work with Life’s Kitchen

“[Working with Flatbread] provides us with stable program revenue,” Jeremy Maxand, executive director of Life’s Kitchen said. “It provides us with a consistent training opportunity that shows the trainees what they will be doing in the real world when they do get employed.”

Although Life’s Kitchen is currently only making salad dressings for the downtown Boise Flatbread location, the team is planning to expand their operation to the Bown Crossing and Downtown Meridian locations once the product is consistent. From there, the hope is to expand further into the Salt Lake, Utah and Bend, Oregon locations.

Maxand said that the partnership is “a win-win” adding, “It supports Flatbread’s kitchen and [Life’s Kitchen’s] program. We’re hoping that more restaurants will come forward to work with us.”

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