A Statement From Rep. Nicole LeFavour 

"Tonight I mourn with you the loss of reason, the failure of the backbone and conviction to which so many of us clung these past few years, hoping the gay marriage amendment would not pass.

"Today the State Senate voted to pass the Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment. It will go to the ballot in November now. Today, Idaho's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities became nothing but a tool for the Republican Party to turn more voters out at election time.

"In debate today, Republican senators actually used their ability to turn out voters in November as a reason their Republican colleagues should vote yes. They used religion. They said it would cost taxpayers millions of dollars to allow our communities to have equal access to Social Security benefits if we were allowed to marry. As if we are not taxpayers who have been subsidizing their partner benefits for decades. Today they used an amendment that hurts our community for their own political gain.

"I am not only sad today, but scared for what the next eight months will bring. I am afraid of the cruel rhetoric, the demonizing of good people and the tough road ahead for so many who are already vulnerable. I am horrified at the idea that a generation of young people will have to hear the debate that is to grip the state in the months ahead. As if youth in our community do not already face enough obstacles without enduring months of public prejudice and cruelty."

--Rep. Nicole LeFavour, (D-Boise), February 15

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