A Very Competitive Auction 

You do not always get rewarded for very aggressive bidding or for bidding without a lot of high cards. This hand illustrates an example of a big return on not many points for the West player, Kendra Bridges. When her South opponent bid hearts over her partner's notrump opener, she knew she did not want to defend with her void in that suit and she had a handy bidding device to tell her partner so: she bid 2 notrump, asking the notrump bidder to bid clubs. When the auction reached the level of 4 hearts, her notrump bid then meant "Partner, pick a minor!" Partner was Craig Jones, who bid clubs and was then doubled. The outcome of the hand was strange because one of the opponents revoked and Craig ended up with all 13 tricks because of the revoke penalty. He was probably going to make 5 clubs doubled anyway for a good board.

If there is a lesson here, it is that you can bid a lot on distribution and still be safe. North-south were going to go down at 4 hearts, but that is a difficult judgment.

Several local players journeyed to Ogden for the Sectional tournament. Craig Jones and Kathy Dowen, on a team with Daryl Sallaz and Bev Fransen, won the B flight Swiss teams. Nadine and John Miller teamed with Peggy and Gerry Silvester to place 5th in the flight A Swiss event.

Starting Monday, December 5, all our regular sessions for the week will be part of a Sectional Tournament at Clubs. Results for each pair will be compared in a very large field of players—as many as 1,300 pairs, so there is a very good payoff in points for those who score well. Everyone is welcome to participate. Call us at 327-0166, and we will make sure you have a partner.

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