A View to a Kill: Idaho's Playbook for the Execution of Paul Rhoades 

The countdown to Idaho's first execution in nearly two decades

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Oct. 28 to Friday, Nov. 11: 21 to Seven Days Prior to Execution

• Regular briefings continue with IDOC staff.

• Tabletop and live exercises are conducted with three key teams: the Execution Escort Team, Medical Team and Injection Team. The names of individuals on the teams will remain confidential. Team training continues weekly before the execution.

Friday, Nov. 11 to Wednesday, Nov. 16: Seven to Two Days Prior to Execution

• Josh Tewalt, deputy chief of prisons, will activate an incident command system.

• Staffing levels will be confirmed.

• Local law enforcement agencies will be fully briefed.

• Two more rehearsal sessions will be held by the Execution Escort, Medical and Injection teams along with command staff.

• An execution inventory and equipment check will be verified.

• The execution chamber will be readied.

• The plan on potential witnesses and those be present at the execution will be finalized.

Thursday, Nov. 17: 24 to 12 Hours Prior to Execution

• Tewalt will activate the following teams: Command, Correctional Emergency Response, Maintenance, Critical Incident Stress Management and Traffic Control.

• The operations of IDOC's South Boise complex will be modified in anticipation of the next 48 hours.

• A health-care review of Rhoades will be conducted.

• Blades will ensure that the Execution Unit is complete, with final evaluations of security, climate control, lighting and sound.

• Blades will ensure that the chemical room clock is accurately set and working.

• Rhoades' personal property, with the exception of one religious item, will be removed and inventoried.

• Blades will ensure that appropriate restraints are ready.

• The Medical Team leader will check electrocardiograph instruments.

• The medical supplies and chemicals will be inventoried.

Thursday, Nov. 17: 12 Hours Prior to Execution

• Access to IDOC's South Boise complex is will be limited to on-duty personnel, approved delivery vehicles, approved media, approved execution witnesses and law enforcement personnel on business-related matters.

• IDOC's complex, the Correctional Alternative Placement Program and the Idaho Correctional Center will go on secure status.

• Rhoades will receive his last meal by approximately 7 p.m. All eating utensils will be removed upon completion of the meal.

• Rhoades will need to conclude any phone calls by 9 p.m.

• Rhoades will need to terminate any visitation by 9 p.m., excluding visits from his attorney.

• Health-care services will offer Rhoades a mild sedative no later than 11 p.m.

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