A View to a Kill: Idaho's Playbook for the Execution of Paul Rhoades 

The countdown to Idaho's first execution in nearly two decades

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Friday, Nov. 18: Execution Day

• By no later than 3 a.m., Rhoades will be offered a light snack. All utensils will be removed upon completion of the meal.

• By no later than 4 a.m., health-care services will offer Rhoades another mild sedative.

• Kevin Kempf, director of operations, will brief those who will witness the execution. Rhoades' family and the victims' families will receive separate briefings.

• Blades will transfer custody of the chemicals to the Medical Team to complete chemical and syringe preparation.

• Assigned Medical Team members shall prepare a total of three complete sets of chemicals. One full set of syringes is used in the implementation of the death sentence and two full sets are to be available for use as back-up.

• The Medical Team leader will attach two sets of syringes to a manifold that will administer the chemicals. The labels will be clearly visible.

• The Injection Team leader will confirm that all syringes are properly labeled and attached in order.

• Reinke will confer with the attorney general or designee and Otter (or designee) to confirm there is no legal impediment to proceeding with the execution and there are no motions pending before a court that may stay further proceedings.

• The Execution Escort Team will bring Rhoades to the execution room secured on the table with his arms positioned at an angle away from his side.

• The Execution Escort Team leader will check the restraints to ensure they are not so restrictive as to impede Rhoades' circulation, yet sufficient to prevent Rhoades from manipulating the catheters and IV lines.

• The assigned Medical Team members will insert the catheters and attach the IV lines.

• The witnesses will be brought to applicable witness areas.

• Blades will read aloud a summary of the death warrant.

• A microphone will be positioned to enable the Medical Team and Injection Team leaders to hear any utterances or noises made by Rhoades throughout the procedure.

• Blades will ensure there is a person present who is able to see, hear and speak to Rhoades throughout the execution.

• Blades will ask Rhoades if he wishes to make a last statement and will provide Rhoades an opportunity to do so.

• Blades will offer Rhoades an eye covering.

• The Medical Team Leader will attach the leads from the electrocardiograph to Rhoades' chest. A Medical Team member will monitor the EKG.

• The assigned Medical Team members will insert a primary IV catheter and a backup IV catheter in two separate locations. The insertion sites in order of preference will be: arms, hands, ankles and feet.

• Blades will remain in the execution chamber with Rhoades throughout the administration of the chemicals.

• Reinke will reconfirm with Wasden, or designee, and Otter, or designee, that there is no legal impediment to proceeding with the execution.

• Upon receipt or oral confirmation that there is no legal impediment, Reinke will instruct Blades to commence the process to carry out the sentence of death.

• Blades will order the Injection Team leader to begin the administration of chemicals.

• The Injection Team leader will instruct the assigned Injection Team member to begin dispensing the first chemical.

• The assigned Injection Team member will visually and verbally confirm the chemical name on the syringe and administer the full dose of Sodium Pentothal or pentobarbital followed by a heparin/saline flush.

• The Medical Team leader shall confirm the offender is unconscious.

• The Medical Team leader, dressed in a manner to preserve his anonymity, will physically confirm the offender is unconscious.

• When instructed, the Injection Team leader will instruct the assigned Injection Team members to begin administering the full doses of the remaining chemicals, each followed by a heparin/saline flush.

• When all electrical activity of the heart has ceased as shown by the EKG, the Medical Team leader will advise the Ada County coroner and Blades that the procedure has been completed.

• The coroner will enter the execution chamber, examine Rhoades, and pronounce Rhoades' death to Blades.

• Blades will announce that the sentence of death has been carried out as ordered by the court.

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