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A walk down the Best of Boise memory lane 

BOB, This is Your Life

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Another year, another Best of Boise.

Each fall, Boise Weekly rolls out its annual who's-who and what's-what issue, but beyond just being a sort of senior prom court election for the community, BOB serves as a bit of a time capsule.

Flipping through the pages of more than a decade's worth of Best of Boise issues offers insight into the minds of Boiseans, the nature of the community and Boise Weekly itself. Sometimes, it's a bit of reminiscing. For example, former spokeswoman for Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, Elizabeth Duncan, was one of the best television anchors in 2003, while Boise Police Department spokesperson Lynn Hightower ended up in third place for best weatherperson in 1994. Rep. Walt Minnick was far from a political career when he was named most enlightened business leader in 1994. Speaking of politics, we have to wonder what BW readers were thinking (or possibly drinking) back in 1996, when former Boise mayor Brent Coles was named best politician--we're guessing this was before the whole misappropriation of public funds scandal broke.

But a little Best of Boise retrospective also reveals some of the continuity of our community. We knew that several repeat BOB winners had made frequent appearances on the list over the years, but in some cases, we had no idea just how frequent. KTVB Channel 7 news anchor Dee Sarton hasn't just been a near-permanent presence on our televisions for as far back as some of us can remember, but she's ended up on the list of Boise's top TV anchors nearly every year since BOB started.

The same can be said of KIVI Channel 6's "weather expert" Scott Dorval, who has been one of the area's favorite weather gurus from the dawn of BOB. But if you really want to talk dominance, take a look at some of Boise's long-standing restaurants. Cobby's? Winner every single year for best sandwich. Flying Pie? Rarely a year when the pizzeria doesn't top the pole.

Not to be outdone, Graeber and Co. has made itself rather cozy on the BOB charts over the years, as have coffee houses Moxie Java and Flying M Coffeehouse. Of course, readers will have to wait one more week to find out if those perennial favorites have managed to keep their positions this year.

The very nature of Best of Boise has changed over the years as well. The format has changed several times, we no longer say what we like in contradiction to what readers voted for, and questions have come and gone or just been adjusted (no more CD/Tape store ... in fact, we're not sure where one would even buy a cassette outside of a thrift store.

Some of the questions lost to time did have us chuckling a bit, and even reconsidering their ouster. Here are some of our favorites:

• TV personality you'd most like to Jell-O wrestle

• Best TV personality hair

• Best place to makeout

• Best place to breakup

• Best elevator

• Best place to rent a movie

• Best shooting range

• Best/worst ACHD decision

• Most ostentatious law firm

• Best cheap thrill

• Friendliest/snottiest sales staff

• Best fast food

• Best naughty store

• Best place for worship or spiritual reverence

The answers in this last category in 2005 were 1: The Foothills, 2: Neurolux and 3: Redfish Lake, so it looks like Boise Weekly readers' priorities haven't changed all that much.

--Deanna Darr


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