Acid Mothers Temple 

April 23, Crazy Horse

Acid Mothers Temple defines itself as a collective of "currently around 30 members, famous and unknown, musicians, artist[s]. dancers, farmers, etc." Founded by Japanese musician Makoto Kawabata in 1995, the group's musical output has been staggeringly profuse, smashing together experimental music and free jazz with folk, psychedelic rock and Black Sabbath-inspired metal.

Whatever Kawabata and company call themselves—their various monikers include "AMT and the Melting Paraiso UFO" and "AMT and the Cosmic Inferno"—they've built an international following. In a 2005 review, Pitchfork's Mark Richardson wrote that AMT's music "projects a certain ugliness and undeniable aggression [but] the band's ultimate m.o. is transformative ecstasy achieved through profound disorientation."

AMT's slogan is "Do whatever you want, don't do whatever you don't want." With a group this far-out, though, you probably do want to check out this show.

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