'Acting Crazy' Earns Boise Man Taser Charge 

The collision at Ninth and Main streets got called into Boise Police dispatch at about 11:45 p.m. on Dec. 10. Officers arrived shortly thereafter, but one of the drivers was nowhere to be found. Witnesses told the cops he had hotfooted it from the scene.

Officers searching the area caught sight of the suspect. He evidently caught sight of them, too, because he took off running. After a brief chase, cops cornered their man in an alley.

Our suspect tried to delay the inevitable by brandishing a broken glass bottle. After refusing to drop his weapon, the reluctant arrestee was introduced to Mr. Taser. Making this shocking acquaintance produced a calming effect on the 21-year-old Boise man. He was taken into custody without further ado.

Turns out the broken glass bottle had been the property of an area bar, where the accused fleeing driver had made a post-collision stop.

Witnesses and victims later told investigators that the suspect was "acting crazy" when he entered the watering hole on the 900 block of Main Street. During a confrontation with a bar employee, the man allegedly made direct threats and refused to allow the worker to leave the room.

Then the suspect retrieved a bottle of booze. He proceeded to break the bottle and use its jagged remains to make more threats, bar workers told police.

A struggle ensued. But the suspect escaped, taking the movie-cliche weapon with him, only to meet up with his destiny in that dark, cold alley.

All in all, the just-barely-legal man faces one felony charge--aggravated assault--along with five misdemeanors: second-degree kidnapping, malicious injury to property, resisting and obstructing, driving under the influence and, last but not least, leaving the scene of an accident.

Speaking of which, officers determined the suspect may have been under the influence when the collision occurred, so he was also treated to a needle poke to draw blood for evidentiary testing.

What's more, when Ada County Sheriff's Office officials learned of his arrest, they took the opportunity to serve the young gentleman with an agent's warrant for a probation violation.

Sounds like somebody just got crossed off Santa's "nice" list.

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