Adam Ant Plays Revolution Concert House 

Wednesday, Sept. 4

In the early '80s, Adam Ant (nee Stuart Goddard) helped define MTV. Musically, Goddard's post-punk, pop-infused music was so hooky that if you walked up to a 40-something today and sang, "Unplug the jukebox and do us all a favor," he or she might immediately respond with, "That music's lost its taste so try another flavor." ("Ant Music" from 1981's Prince Charming.) Visually, Goddard was androgynous and intense. His military-inspired jackets, dark eyeliner, tousled pompadour and braids, and the signature white stripe painted across his face made for great television.

Three decades later, Goddard still rocks style—though he now sports a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses—and is in the midst of a rock-star renaissance. MTV may no longer be about music, but Adam Ant most adamantly still is.

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