Agloves: Uniting finger warmth and touchpad ease of use 

Tis nearly the season for bundled bodies and gloved fingers. But in addition to the usual winter wear conundrums—like where to stash your pile of layers at a packed party or how to keep your gloves from divorcing—there's now a uniquely 21st century problem: how to operate your touchscreen device while keeping your digits cozy.

Agloves figured it out. The high-tech glove company weaves strands of silver into its smartphone-friendly hand-warmers.

"The secret to all Agloves products' design is silver. Silver is the most conductive element on the periodic table of the elements. Each Aglove is knit with real silver threads—no copper nickel or tin alloys—combined with other materials," the company wrote on its website.

Agloves are antibacterial and come in five designs: original, sport, natural, grip touch and heavy duty. While the natural Agloves are lightweight and quick drying, made from bamboo, silver yarn and spandex fibers, the heavy-duty pair feature grip touch and a polyester-nylon blend that provides insulation and water resistance.

And unlike other touchscreen-oriented textiles, Agloves are made entirely from conductive materials, so that your smartphoning can be uninhibited by your smart dressing.

"We've chosen not to retrofit a normal glove with unsightly conductive patches, stitching or tips. Instead, we've built the entire Aglove to be touchscreen compatible—pinky to thumb, knuckle to palm."

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